Artist From Massachusetts All about Lyricism and Stoping hate and violence :) (No tunes)

Hello!! Honestly all I can say is thank you so much for even reading this far. No need to hate, just move past this if not interested… I am an artist outside of Mass who only focuses on lyrics, and the overall performance outcome of the track. I am chasing my dreams for what I believe in. I plan on helping out less fortunate “hoods” and rebuilding them, plus helping slow the huge gang violence issue. I address things everyone goes through like death, depression, anxiety, parental fighting, parental drinking, etc… I even tell stories of shit I been through Once again you are all so blessed! Even if you don’t like my work I am more than grateful you gave me a chance. I have visuals, art, shows so much coming up! Stay positive and know you are here for a reason!

-LHSKALHSKA’s 1985 Response