Artist seeking grindcore / hardcore / metal musicians

I’m looking for hardcore, grindcore or metal samples / unfinished tracks

compensation: $15 for use of a 5+ min track

Are you a hardcore or metal musician with partial or unfinished tracks lying around? Bits you dont really care about or might never get to finish? Specifically Im looking for some speed drum lines, growly down-tuned guitars or overdriven bass. FAST and HARD is what I’m looking for (although slow processional could also work for a few tracks). I’m planning to record my own vocals, so recordings without vox preferred.

I’m an artist doing a performance project in a gallery that will feature a fictional band made up of collaged together song elements from different musicians. The performance will take place on a Sunday morning in the gallery in Los Angeles (which is essentially just a bedroom). The music will be played very loudly while one participant at a time is served brunch in bed. It will be a strange event that deals with some of my darkest feelings in regard to today’s political trauma (depression, paralysis, guilt), while playfully critiquing the array of options available to us as “civic engagement”–making painfully literal the term “protest is the new brunch.”

My work:

I’d love to discuss the project if you want to know more about how it will function and what it all means. Submissions will be carried out over email, so it should just take a few mins of your time. But I need to act fast! The event is coming up in just 10 days.

No donation is too small! Even just a couple bars of drums I can loop would be very helpful :slight_smile:

I’m happy to credit you or your band in any way you’d like, or to keep your contribution anonymous. And of course if you happen to be in LA we’d love for you to attend the event as a guest of honor :slight_smile:

The event will be free and open to the public; we are operating entirely without institutional support (i.e., zero budget).

However, I’m willing to pay approx $15 per track (min 3 mins) to compensate you for your time. The music I’m making will not be distributed or sold outside of this event, and anything you submit remains your creative property to use as you wish. So basically I’d just be paying to use it at this event, in documentation/press (online or otherwise) for the event, or in future reproductions of the same event (if that ever happens).

grindcore songs shouldnt be longer then 70 seconds

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true :slight_smile:

I need to create something total 20 mins in length so I just put a time constraint on there so that I dont end up paying $15 for fourty 30-sec grindcore songs. Make sense?

But to clarify: there’s no time specifications for songs submitted for this! Short songs are great. I’d just like to compensate people in 3 min increments because I can’t afford it otherwise.

Let me know if you have other questions~ thanks