Artist that deserve greater critical recognition

A variant on a commonly found thread…but the focus here isn’t necessarily" guilty pleasures" or personal favourites, but artists who have received little fanfare/negative reviews for music that should be on AOTY lists. Can be linked specifically to one media outlet (thinking of one Chicago-based website in particular).

The thought for this thread came from Algiers getting two very lukewarm scores for their last two albums from the aforementioned marketing venture for Father John Misty. Any post/indie rock that angry but tender should be poster boys for the genre moving into the 2020s, if you ask me.

I’m always going to say Babybird. And Nicole Dollanganger.

Publication wise. Heck, any of them


Me, amirite


High Places’ later stuff was my stock answer to this back in the day

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Holy Fuck

Feel like the guests on the new album have reignited a bit more attention for them again though actually


I started listening to the Algiers album the other day though and wasn’t that fussed. I’ll finish it and report back though


The Smashing Pumpkins


Press Club.

Mentioned here a lot but still playing far too small venues than their talent deserves.


Counting Crows.

August and Everything After through Hard Candy is one of the best four album runs by anyone. Adam Duritz at his peak was one of the best songwriters there ever was, yet they’re never mentioned among the greats and are largely dismissed as somewhere between a joke and whiny.

A great one from each of the first five albums:

A Murder of One
Recovering the Satellites
Up All Night (Frankie Miller goes to Hollywood)


I’m going to go for (early) Wishbone Ash.

Anybody who loves dual guitars at their finest (early Mastodon, Television, Sonic Youth) should check out Argus. If they don’t mind a bit of prog, it’s one of the first (and finest) dual guitar records.


Camera Obscura. They only really do one thing* but they do it very very well

* though the first two albums were a different thing I guess


80s - Eyeless In Gaza
90s - Breathless
00s - Dakota Suite / Epic45 / Gregor Samsa
10s - Blaue Blume / The Daysleepers

Oh, the burning injustice…

Jason Molina


Mint band

I’ve always thought Ballboy deserve more attention and recognition. A genuinely astonishing wee band at their peak.


Plenty of critical recognition but not much from the listening public.

A great artist, that I discovered through DiS, sadly after his death.


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Silversun Pickups. Unfairly dismissed as Pumpkins knock-offs, they never got proper critical recognition (and Pitchfork were laughably, laughably unfair towards them) despite releasing two of the very best and unique albums of the 00s in Pikul (magical and fuzzy) and Carnavas (propulsive and explosive). At their peak they were doing something that I’ve still never heard any other band do, and they were doing it at such a high level.

I wish shoegaze bands had to study Well Thought Out Twinkles and Future Foe Scenarios (among others) before releasing anything. So many twists and perfectly placed walls of noise and subtle decisions that massively escalate things. They were so, so good.

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Traams. Genuinely cannot see why they weren’t bigger. Great records, always great live. Sadly missed (if they have indeed gone)


A Sunny Day In Glasgow

I feel like they were pretty underrated at the time, esp. for how willing their pretty unique take on the dream-pop / shoegaze sound that was attributed to 'em

(keep meaning to listen to their recent stuff, they were my favourite band in my early twenties and I kind of just fell off em for a while)