Artist Websites

Anyone got any tips/suggestions for getting your own site set up?

Mainly looking for recommendations on decent/cheap (maybe those are mutually exclusive) platforms, not sure I can be arsed building something from scratch. But any insight or advice on the whole thing is welcome


Wix is good. I used EditorX which is a version of it for something.

Squarespace is easy to use but gets expensive quite quickly as you have to pay a monthly fee

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I use GoDaddy for registration & Squarespace for hosting/design

It’s not the cheapest option but I’m too lazy to do any hard labour on the research or design/coding side of things & I don’t use even a fraction of the available features

These are the results

All in it costs me £240ish a year

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I was always curious about this service. Haven’t used it by one of the founders was behind CashMusic

Guess it depends what you want to do or express on the site. Who you feel will visit and why? If it’s just a case of bringing your bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube, newsletter, etc together then you could probably just have a domain pointing to a LinkTree for now?

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The main practical reason I’m thinking about one is so Ive got somewhere I can list all my music, as bandcamp misses some stuff that’s on compilations or that’s on labels without label accounts.

It’d also be nice to have somewhere I can go into a bit more detail about stuff - like recommendations (I’ve got something basic on my linktree Adventsong | Instagram | Linktree) or backgrounds to each release etc. Totally self indulgent but might be fun for some people to read

I think it’s probably a good look to have something official too?

I guess all the shit happening with bandcamp atm has got me thinking it would be good to have something of my own I’ve got a bit more control over. Mailing list as well

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do what you will with this information, of course, but i think it’s worth highlighting that wix are an israeli-owned company who are currently strongly encouraging their staff to share pro-israel propaganda on social media, and who recently sacked a member of staff from their dublin office for criticising the israeli regime.


Oh wow I had no idea.

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I’ve had two sites with Wix for a few years; they’re up for renewal very soon, and with this info in my pocket, sounds like this is as good a time as ever to jump ship.