Artists from your hometown

Have we done this thread before? Probably. Don’t include the band you were in when you were in school.


Bridgend, South Wales

Iolo is a local legend, I remember a Hendrix mixtape he made my best mate where every available space was filled with descriptions of what the songs meant to him and how best to experience them. I think almost all 300,000 people in the town know Iolo, and for good reason, one of the most charismatic, good-hearted people I’ve met.

These two are probably the most famous though

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And of course my favourites


For a pretty nothing-y town, Welwyn Garden City has produced some decent bands who’ve had varying degrees of success

The Astronauts


The Bush, The Tree & Me

The Subways

Oh, and 1/2 of Electro Velvet :grimacing:

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it’s the whitest city I know*, but somehow Plymouth managed to produce an internationally respected dub reggae act

Apart from that, no one. Muse are from just down the road, but not really Plymouth.

(*there must have been well over a thousand kids going through my school in the time I was there, and in all that time, there was one (1) non-white pupil. Not just my year, the whole school)


Aren’t Scum Of Toytown from that way? Liked them a lot

Shame Jools couldn’t be bothered to check the pronunciation of the band name before hand though.


Yeah they’re just up the road in Stevenage. They covered an Astronauts song, as it goes…


Shit I forgot Andy Stott


Fields Of The Nephilim were from Stevenage as well! Amazing that one little town has produced more bands I like than a city of over quarter of a million people that I lived in for twenty years.


The drummer from Bastille as well.

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This thread is easy if you’re from, say, Manchester. Less easy if like me you grew up in a small market town in Essex. Closest call for me is The Prodigy. They’re not from the town I grew up in but Liam Howlett lives there now and Keith Flint was living there up to his untimely death

Less credibly, both Nik Kershaw and 60s star Helen Shapiro lived nearby when I was growing up. I once served Helen Shapiro some ham in my Saturday job at the Co-Op.

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apart from some friends’ bands, it’s slim pickings

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What a pick though.

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Nothing wrong with a bit of Nik Kershaw! at least when I was about 10. Great 80’s hair for starters!!

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Rather a lot from Oxford


Grangemouth’s just down the road so I’m claiming Cocteau Twins too


Den Haag, Netherlands

The home of “nederbiet”


One major act* and then slim pickings from Sevenoaks…

And original Yes and subsequent King Crimson drummer Bill Bruford.

*Yes, the major act is Cheryl obviously


The closest actual town is Bathgate, which gave us Goodbye, Mr MacKenzie!

Lesley Rankine’s from Livingston…

But I’ll normally try and claim Arab Strap too as you could get a direct bus to Falkirk when I was a kid…