Artists Missing From Spotify




Artists that still don't have their back catalogue on Spotify

There’s no drag city stuff on there AFAIK, so no newsom, callahan/smog, bonnie prince Billy which is a bit annoying


Seminal 80’s Manc janglers The Bodines aren’t on Spotify. #shameful


King Crimson.


no Silver Jews :frowning:




Joanna Newsome




Was about to say Prince but just checked and all the albums are there now! When did this happen?!


They went on on Sunday.


Excellent thread this.

I’ve also discovered C86 heroes Bogshed aren’t on Spotify.

The world needs to hear ‘Fat Lad Exam Failure’ imho :ok_hand:t3:


All the newest Thee Oh Sees


‘Perfect From Now On’ and ‘Keep It Like A Secret’ by Built To Spill are both missing.


Yes. This one really annoys me.

But not just spotify… you can’t buy their albums anywhere, can you?


Yeah, it’s has been difficult to buy their albums but they have recently restocked some of them on the Alphabet website:

It’s worth checking it every now and then as a few years back I got a copy from here from a limit run of new vinyl pressings of Sing to God.


Cheers for that, will have a look!


Levon Vincent
Prince of Denmark
Sound Stream


any Giegling stuff, which is really annoying


Some Charilift stuff isn’t on there anymore for some reason :frowning:


Tool, and the best Masters of Reality album.

Oh, and that Reuben album with a couple of good ones on it.