Artists Missing From Spotify

It’s a bit of a drag, innit…

Maybe I am, maybe I am

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I changed over to the US version a few years ago and for the most part its fine. I have to re-jig playlists occasionally, I normally find if a song comes up as unavailable its still on Spotify but just released on a different label and you just find it and replace it.

A few artists have “Non UK” versions of albums, Portishead - Dummy is one. If the mood takes me and I want to relive the mid 90’s glory days of Brit pop… I find that some bands are missing large chunks of their discographies… Primal Scream, Super Furries. Most of which I have downloaded any how… its just convenient to have it in one place.

Sun June - Years

Only released last year… now disappeared


Stand down!

Do we think Tool will appear alongside the new album?

I’d imagine in the lead up they’ll appear, help build the hype…

Be nice if they did, Tool vinyl is daft money and generally seems poorly pressed and i don’t have a functioning cd player so the only album i regularly listen to know is lateralus as i have a dodgy boot of it on vinyl.

not sure why they aren’t on there though so what do i know!

Just realised J Richman’s ‘I, Jonathan’ is now available on Spotify. Pretty sure that’s a recent addition.

The Herman Dune album Not On Top.

I don’t get it.

All their other stuff is on there, their earlier albums, their later albums.

Not that one though.

The one that also happens to be their best one.

Is it because it was released on Track & Field? I don’t know. I just know that I’d listen to the title track so much more if it was on there.

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Have I got news for you…

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Been on a bit of a Jens Lekman listening splurge and its deeply annoying that everything but Oh You’re So Silent Jens is not on there


Yep, for me that comp is about half of his top teir work. I wonder if it’s the samples that have prohibited it on streaming?

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It’s probably just a label thing. Was released on Service Records before he moved to Secretly Canadian. Don’t know the label so not sure if they’ve got anything on there

Yes this is my biggest omission too - I’m actually on Deezer (but also have a free Spotify) - Ferment is not on there either but the rest is. Although in my experience ommitted content from my record collection is pretty consistent actoss the streaming platforms. Pretty annoying as Ferment is in my top 10-15 records and my favourite of theirs although Chrome is not far behind.
It got a vinyl re-issue too about 5 years ago. Bit odd its not there.

Not a missing artist per se but this album in particular:


:thinking: hhhmmm, it’s there for me.

Wish it was missing but we keep getting tracks from this in music league, it’s definitely on there (in the UK at least).


At least today I learned that I’m just region blocked after all. sigh

Ben Frost - By The Throat

…seems to have disappeared from Spotify USA

UK too. As well as his three other full lengths. Very odd.