Artists Missing From Spotify

The God Machine :frowning:


that’s a shame, they played Red on 6music the other day which made me want to finally check them out properly

How much have you heard?

Just in case you haven’t heard this one yet:

All the bNds I’ve been in

very little. one of those bands i know of and have a basic idea of what they do but have never really listened to - not really a fan of prog at all although admittedly like some stuff that’s probably not a million miles away and quite enjoyed Red. i’ll give this one a play shortly!

Prog isn’t all keyboard solos and wizard capes (though that stuff rocks too!) - a lot of what’s referred to as “prog” is only labelled as such because, upon release, no other term would do.

If you find yourself getting heavily into King Crimson - which can happen quite easily, as they’re fantastic, the logical next steps are The Soft Machine (jazz/avant-garde fusion) and Van Der Graaf Generator (proto doom jazz).

And if you find yourself getting heavily into them (which, again, can happen quite easily), then you might try giving Yes a go. On some of their early albums they radiate pure power - despite, or perhaps because of, the wizard cape.


Local Business by +@ isn’t on which is annoying and weird because they have the rest of it

Bob Segar! So many playlists are incomplete w/o Against the Wind :sob:

I think Local Business was never released in the UK due to record label reshuffles or something.

For me the most annoying are Silver Jews, Bill Callaghan and the album Mr Bad Example by Warren Zevon (which used to be there and made up the majority of my ‘mid career’ Zevon playlist)

Moon and antartica not being there is proper annoying

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Ty Segall missing quite a few on there

That one’s excusable. I’m sure that not even Ty Segall is quite sure just how many album’s he’s released.


KLF (obviously)


demdike stare and andy stott. might just be the whole modern love label…

And then Yes released Owner of a Lonely Heart, which is one of the best songs ever, and they saw, and it was good.

Not too keen on that one, soz.

Good point. Although when i think I’ve found a new geigling artist it’s usually just another Prince of Denmark alt.

This saddens me, but I respect your viewpoint.

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Catherine Wheel - Ferment

Their other albums are on so why not the debut? Grrr

Meat Puppets - Too High To Die

Had a strange nostalgic yearning to hear ‘backwater’ and it was a pig to find online let alone Spotify

The Beyond - Chasm

Derby’s finest who got shafted on the production of their debut album Crawl and then released this fine follow-up…not on there.

Kinesics - Handshakes For Bullets

No Billboard Beauty. Just the other album I don’t want yo listen to

…Taylor Swift is still not back meaning all the playlists for my daughter end in tears…

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Both have been put on in the last week… on the USA Spotify anyway