Artists Missing From Spotify

I hadn’t noticed this yet, thanks!

Derby had a band? What were they like? Were they better than Komakino?

Was going to add Neil Young as he only had one album up a while back. They’ve added most of them now :grinning:

ugh I hate spotify so much sometimes…

For example, my favourite album of all time, by my favourite band isn’t on spotify, but the rest of their albums are there!!! Why! (Controlling Crowds by Archive)

And most of Einstürzende Neubauten, Filth by Swans, most of Coil albums… Well, most of industrial, no wave or dark ambient is not in spotify, really.

And not only specific albums, there are even songs that simply doesn’t exist in spotify!

Or idk, some indie bands and albums. For example Calla (indie) self-titled album (not indie at all)… which I love. Or some new releases, that are only avaliable on iTunes… ugh

up now!

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’ The Static God’ is a banger

i’m just getting round to the last couple that i never heard cos they were never up

the first Howling Bells album


what’s the best thee oh sees album that’s available here?

‘Mutilator Defeated at Last’ is my fave

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The QOTSA thread made me want to listen to some Desert Sessions, but only one album is up there. Boo.

Tool. Will never happen though.

yeah just listened to this one for the first time and it’s v good.

Floating Coffin is v good too but haven’t heard it in a while

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Is Love Kraft by SFA on Spotify? I’m a Tidal user and annoyingly it’s not on there. Can’t think why either…

It is.

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few things

putting your own stuff on there’s annoying isn’t it? never stores correctly

faded seaside glamour album artwork’s still upsidedown

Castlemania is my fave.

Spotify still just says Thee Oh Sees but apparently they’ve changed their name now to just Oh Sees?