Artists Missing From Spotify



Ah right, crazy rights stuff.

Our mate in the UK sent me and a friend here in Aus a playlist and then asked us what we thought of a particular track…turned out it wasn’t on Aussie Spotify so it didn’t even show up on the playlist. Was somewhat confusing before we worked it out.


My sister’s in Sydney, my mum’s still there on her Christmas holiday, I’ll FaceTime them for a rave, the KLF, as they said on mid-90s TOTP about Etta James or Montell Jordan performing in absolute hell-holes, exclusively live via satellite!!


they gave it all away for free for a limited time a few years ago. i downloaded a couple but have annoyingly lost them since.


Cheers for pointing that out as I never knew Spotify had different international rules. I thought the catalogue was available to everyone unless you lived somewhere like Iran or China with massive Internet state interference.


It’s the rights/samples disputes which keep their music off the streaming services. It’s a shame, as they say.


It’s a bit of a drag, innit…


Maybe I am, maybe I am


I changed over to the US version a few years ago and for the most part its fine. I have to re-jig playlists occasionally, I normally find if a song comes up as unavailable its still on Spotify but just released on a different label and you just find it and replace it.

A few artists have “Non UK” versions of albums, Portishead - Dummy is one. If the mood takes me and I want to relive the mid 90’s glory days of Brit pop… I find that some bands are missing large chunks of their discographies… Primal Scream, Super Furries. Most of which I have downloaded any how… its just convenient to have it in one place.


Sun June - Years

Only released last year… now disappeared


Stand down!


Do we think Tool will appear alongside the new album?


I’d imagine in the lead up they’ll appear, help build the hype…

Be nice if they did, Tool vinyl is daft money and generally seems poorly pressed and i don’t have a functioning cd player so the only album i regularly listen to know is lateralus as i have a dodgy boot of it on vinyl.

not sure why they aren’t on there though so what do i know!