Artists on tour but available to play Glastonbury

Couldn’t sleep last night thinking about how lame the lineup to my first ever Glasto is so far. So around 2am I did some research and compiled a list of possible artists that might play according to their touring schedule. Might be wishful thinking on my part :slight_smile:

•Amyl and the Sniffers- in England end of June- gap day on Sunday 28th.

•Alex Cameron- confirmed other European festivals start of July.

•Amadou and Mariam- playing the usual shitload of festivals all summer.

•Belle and Sebastian- Glasto week gap in busy festival schedule.

•Big Thief- Glasto Friday and Sunday gaps in otherwise busy England touring schedule.

•Black Lips- Euro festivals all summer- nothing planned for Glasto week.

•Caribou- Euro festivals all summer- nothing planned for Glasto week.

•Chromatics- Euro festivals in summer- gap for Glasto week.

•Fat White Family- doing uk festivals plus affiliated members in ‘Warmduscher’ who are already strongly rumoured.

•FLOHIO- playing Euro fests at the time…plus they are bound to have more grime artists this year.

•Four Tet- Euro fests with Glasto week gap.

•Hinds- Back off US tour in time to start Euro festival circuit- free Glasto week.

•Hot Chip- begin uk festival circuit in June- nothing for Glasto week yet.

•IDLES- playing soooo many festivals in summer and free Sat and Sun of Glasto.

•King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard- playing heaps of Euro fests- Glasto weekend free.

•Lee “Scratch” Perry- in uk in June- is basically a walking Glastonbury.

•Little Simz- Glasto gap in uk festival schedule, plus there’s bound to me more grime this year.

•mclusky- no evidence…but they are pretty much back together…I just want it.

•Metronomy- busy festival schedule with Glasto gap.

•Nas- doing a French festival on the Friday night.

•Oh Sees (formally Thee Oh Sees)- big Euro tour with Glasto gap.

•Pavement- playing both Primaveras in June.

•Soccer Mommy- heavy English tour schedule with Fri and sat Glasto days free.

•Stereolab- just announced a couple uk festivals in summer after pretty much touring the rest of the world til that point.

•The Big Moon- Glasto gaps for fri and sat on uk tour.

•Weezer (current best of show)- in uk- Sunday gap for Glasto.

•Wu-Tang Clan- In uk playing Boomtown festival.

There are 100 stages and trust me you’ll be glad there are gaps in your schedule.


Chill out a bit mate.There will be lots of good acts playing, including some of the ones you’ve listed. Even if you don’t like the line up, you’ll have a great time. My favourite of the times I have been was actually the one which had the worst line up.

It’s really not about the music.

Edit: Pavement are a world exclusive for Primavera though so don’t get your hopes up for that one.

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Get a fucking grip mate


Hahahahaha Glastonbury’s gonna be shit and you’ve wasted a fucking fortune on it


It’s alright, I’m rich. It’s a very cheap holiday for me :slight_smile:

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Taylor Swift is good and is playing Glastonbury, so it might be good?

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Just a bit of fun. I’ll mark off Pavement :slight_smile:

Calm down ‘Jordan’ :slight_smile:


Not my thing…but have fun :slight_smile:

I’ll be watching from my sofa so I’m sure I will.

But for real though, whilst it’s nice to have things to look forward to glasto is the one festival where lineup is secondary the festival its self


Sick of hearing this tbh…no offence :slight_smile:

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Have you been? Nah

People that are telling you this have. And I can assure you that you have no idea the sheer scale and breadth of options avaliable

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Music is my priority personally. But I’m sure the festival is fun too.

Think there was a year when I saw three maybe four bands. One of the most enjoyable years

Sounds amazing :slight_smile:

Trust me you’ll be singing a different tune come June, look forward to it and try not to worry

And I’m including music in the options. One of my favourite memories was spending a night in blade runner esq corridors discovering electronic acts playing tiny micro stages

I’m sure it will be good, I’m just trying to further demoralise the op

I’ve been to festivals all over the world…I’m sure I have some idea. But yes…looking forward to the experience.