Artists on tour but available to play Glastonbury

Oh fuck off


Yeah, I thought it was funny :grin:


Imagine thinking this was a good sentence to post where other people can read it.

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Imagine getting so wound up by a ridiculous response to a ridiculous statement.

Who is wound up? Enjoy making your weird fucking lists.

Was really hoping folk would add bands to this for fun…guess I haven’t been on here in a while :joy:

If you like music, you’ll never be short of something to watch at Glastonbury.

Also Taylor Swift is playing so frankly idrgaf if every other band gets sick and can’t play.

If you keep reading them, I’ll keep making them kid :slight_smile:

Thats not very nice

Honestly I think you’ll be better served at efestivals they got a community full of people engaging in this kind of convo

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Woah, whats everybody’s beef in here? Like 90% of the threads on this forum are some kind of list.


Haha what a cunt :smiley:

You love Taylor Swift so much. Refreshing positivity :slight_smile:

I sure am :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you suggesting I leave Drowned in Sound forever because I’m not Yesiamaduck material? Aw man…I regret donating now :disappointed_relieved:

I know…girls just want to have fun, and thats all I wanted too. Guess this is not the correct venue.

No I’m just advising you a community that’ll engage in a topic you thought fun? I’m not suggesting anything else, they also have people leaking names, providing rumours etc so it’s totally up your alley based on this topic

They have a dedicated Glastonbury forum

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I’m aware of efestivals. Thanks though…I used to have fun on here too…but it’s a lot more bitter than I remembered. Rose tinted spectacles perhaps.

And yeah I do like all that leaking names stuff. Even if a heap of it ends up being bullshit :slight_smile:

But ultimately all I can advise you is dont worry about the line up too much, try not to lose sleep over it, on the day you will be spoiled for choice because there are literally 100 stages and about 6 or 7 of them will cater your tastes specifically with a lot more niche genres being covered elsewhere