artists playing an album live

  • play in order on the record
  • play the tunes in a different ordeer

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chat very much encouraged btw

Play the tunes in a different order, stick in loads of songs from other albums as well to mix it up a bit


but then it’s just a normal set

  • I am a fan of this format of live concert
  • I am not a fan
  • Depends and shall explain below why that is the case

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I’m not sure I’d pay to go and see one that’s advertised as such but I’ve always enjoyed the times where I’ve turned up to a gig and the penny drops by the third of fourth song that the band have decided to do something different / special. Springsteen doing BitUSA at Hard Rock Calling in 2013 (?) comes to mind……


Surely the magic of the studio is that you can create things that you can’t otherwise do live? In which case playing an album live is a compromise / second best (see the Beatles for the latter half of their career)

Good fun if its an anniversary or something. Bit if a cop out if its a festival set or just done for no particular reason

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What I want from a live album show is the assurance that I’ll hear all the songs from the album, particularly ones the band rarely plays. Other than that, change up the order whatever to make it work as a live show. If the LP does already, that’s fine, but I’ve seen so many of these shows that just drag. Predictable and plodding.

Also, some sort of greatest hits set afterwards is pretty much compulsory.


I Frederick if it’s done that there’s something unique enough about the album that it’s worth recreating the whole thing live. Like a concept album of some sorts, but not necessarily just that. Just something that flows a certain way, maybe it’s to do with interludes and segues and such.

If it’s an anniversary but the album is just a collection of songs, I’d rather hear a mixed set of all the band’s material. For instance I saw Pinback do their anniversary tour of Summer in Abbadon, and while I enjoyed it, I’d rather have heard a normal set. I went because I had only seen them once before that, and thought it would be nice in a different venue. It was nice, buuuuuuuut, just play other songs too. Not just in the encore.

Really annoyed me when Massive Attack played Mezzanine all out of order, and interspersed it with cover versions of songs that were impossible to identify due to the EAR SPLITTING VOLUME they were played at.


Yeah had this when I saw Cursive once, they played the first song from The Ugly Organ, and then the second, and then the third…

A very nice surprise.

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Saw Helmet play ‘Meantime’ a few years ago and they played it back to front. Page Hamilton said “we’re going to do it in reverse order as all the best songs are at the beginning”.


Reminds me of when I saw El-P in 2012ish, when he was touring Cancer for Cure. The first part of the set was essentially a cut down run through the album in order, maybe 7/8 tracks, and then a load of older material after that.

It worked pretty well, but I guess his albums are sequenced pretty well anyway, it wasn’t at all a duffer of a record, and watching him play a load of it and then go “That was Cancer for Cure, this is DEEP SPACE 9MM!!!” was just a proper hype moment and an amazing mid-set kicker.

Think it’s great and some of my favourite gigs have been in this format. Means you know when to go to the loo/bar too.


No, it’s not. The problem for me is that bands generally take 2 or 3 songs from a classic album and they’ll play them the rest of their career. So if you weren’t there when the album was released, you’ll probably never hear the rest of the songs live. Sometimes there are songs they didn’t even play live on the tour of that album.

I just want to hear those songs. I’d still rather they paced the show properly. If the flow of the LP really works well in a live context, fine, but otherwise it’s shite and boring.


The Screamadelica 20th anniversary gigs played the album in a different order, which is good because the album slows to a crawl near the end, whereas live it could end on a Loaded/Come Together double.

So it basically depends.


Having given it some thought I’ve decided I don’t like it when bands play whole albums live.

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It’s a nice novelty as long as it’s advertised as such.

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Hah, this has just reminded me I saw Dinosaur Jr playing Bug once, but they played a mini set of other stuff first because they didn’t like opening a show with Freak Scene.