artists playing an album live

I think I’d want to hear it in the correct order. I’ve experienced both, and have preferred the “correct order” ones. The magic of these shows is that you get to hear songs that have either never been played live before or have long been dropped from sets, so I quite like them as a concept, but yeah, throw in a “best of” set afterwards.


They should play the songs in whatever order they like, who am I to decide for them, I’m basically a moron.


a very clear majority in favour of the correct option

Disagree based on the two experiences I’ve had with this:

  1. Soundgarden at Black Sabbath £2.50 Hyde Park day - Chris Cornell strolling on stage and casually announcing that they’d decided to do Superunknown in full. Was awesome, and that’s not even my favourite Soundgarden album.

  2. Echo & The Bunnymen at Latitude announcing that they were doing Crocodiles in full. Literally the only time I’ve ever seen and they have been good (and I’ve seen them 6 or 7 times). Again, not even my favourite album of theirs…

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Enjoy it as I can shout for the next track as a request between each one


For the most part in order is good.
The Wedding Present and Mercury Rev mix it up a bit by dropping in a bside or cover into the mix.

Was also quite a fan of how the Manics did ut on the Journal For Plague Lovers tour. New album in full. Intermission. Best Of set for about an hour. Great stuff.


Quite possibly the format all big headline sets touring a new record should follow, imho

I mean, as long as the new record is decent, otherwise that’s a long first hour or so


Suede did that for Night Thoughts too


Thankfully it’s a good album. Sub 45 minutes too iirc.
Reckon if I was in a band touring a first album I’d push hard for doing:
‘Side 1’ of the record in order’
‘Side 2’ of the record in order.
If an encore must be done: the best Bside or non album track or a banger written for LP2

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And they were fantastic shows. Worked as a live score to the accompanying film.

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Saw Jane’s Addiction play Ritual De Lo Habitual in full.

It’s one of my favourite albums of all time. But the nature of it made it a bit slow when played live in order.


Aye I preferred the night thoughts set

Seeing Frightened Rabbit play TMOF in full was incredible and moving in the Cluny. Did get a little warm up set and an encore of Loneliness and the Scream, like the ones I’ve been to that have a little warm up and closer set.

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Once when I saw Deftones (I think c. maybe 2007), they played a really good set but with nothing from Adrenaline. Then they came out and played tracks 1-7 in order from Adrenaline as an encore.



Manics took a similar approach with the Holy Bible show I saw at the Roundhouse in 2014. Holy Bible in full and in order, an intermission and then a mix of hits, lesser knowns and 4 tracks off Futurology.

As much as I love Holy Bible and it’s certainly my favourite Manics album, unfortunately James’ vocals were not quite up to the job that evening. He seemed to be struggling through the first half or so of the set, if memory serves.


I think three times I’ve seen this done, I’ve enjoyed it.

Saw Sonic Youth do Daydream Nation (lots of fun) and Melvins do Houdini (awesome volume) at Primavera in 2007(?)

I saw Trail of Dead do the Madonna album a few years ago and it was excellent. They played tbe first four(?) songs of Source Codes as encore.


Damn, would love to have seen all 3 of those.

But at the same time, wondering if I’d prefer that over a mixed set from each band, if I only had one opportunity to see them.

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the Avicii cover was a bit weird but I really enjoyed that show actually. sound was perfect in Dublin tho

One of my big regrets was that when Electric Six were playing Fire in full the venue turned me away cos I was 17 :frowning_face: still one of my fav albums that. Guess I couldn’t fully put it past them touring the album again

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Sonic Youth played a load of newer encore tracks but I don’t love anything they’ve released after about 1996 the way I do DN.

Melvins played loud jams of Houdini to the point where I nearly lost a contact lense. I couldn’t tell you the name of most of the songs I know of theirs but I’d pay money to watch them again.

Trail of Dead knew they were playing a greatest hits set. I think Madonna got me at the right age/ time because I haven’t really connected with much else of their.

I’ve only seen this twice. The first being Belle & Sebastian playing Sinister and Lemonheads playing It’s a Shame About Ray. My first ‘post’ covid gig will hopefully be seeing Dean Wareham play On Fire in its entirety if it’s not postponed again due to Omicron: The Revenge or whatever.