Artists playing another artist’s album live

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Ever seen such a thing?

Who do you think could make a good go of someone else’s work?

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Only instances I know of this happening are that potentially apocryphal Sun City Girls story and Xiu Xiu ruining the Twin Peaks soundtrack for everyone. On that basis I don’t think I’d be into this.

pretty sure i saw them do this at ATP one year? :thinking:


Oooh what’s this?

Primus have done it with a Rush album, as a tribute to Neil Peart.

Nice idea to be fair, and one of the few bands capable of

a) pulling that off and
b) putting their own spin on it.

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The Flaming Lips went through a stage of covering whole albums didn’t they, I imagine they did a gig but I can’t be arsed to check.

The Easy Star All Stars did a line in reggae covers of classic albums, again, can’t be arsed checking if they ever did them in concert

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Oasis doing a Cocteau Twins album would be good.


Was listening to an older Wave Pictures album that has a couple of Creedence tracks in the middle

Based on that I’d probably go and see them knock out Green River or Bayou Country in full

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Can’t remember exactly what the album was but they billed a gig as them playing a jazz album in full, possibly A Love Supreme. Apparently they came on, put a copy of the record on a turntable and pressed play and then left.


Lovely stuff.

Yeah I’ve seen The Smyths play Queen Is Dead in full, is that the sort of thing you’re after?

That twee Gene Clark band thing at End of the Road did this


Radiodread live was a decent night out


The Pizza Underground


Really like this tbh

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Reckon Tony Molina doing a full album/set of GBV covers would be great.

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Les Claypool doing the entirety of Pink Floyd’s Animals is nice:


Blitzen Trapper covering Neil Young’s Harvest.
Decent but like, why?

Pretty sure Courtney Barnett did INXS’s Kick. Think it might have initially been for a radio show or something and then she did it at a few festivals.

Rufus Wainwright did a very acclaimed recreation/reinterpretation of Judy Garland’s legendary Carnegie Hall concert in New York.