Artists that still don't have their back catalogue on Spotify


For fuck’s sake, I can now listen to The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Prince and Taylor Swift.

But not Spacemen 3.


Joanna Newsom or JJ72


Tool. Not even on itunes ffs


King Crimson. Doesn’t look likely to happen while Fripp is alive. Not that I wish him anything but the best of health, of course.


LOADS of hip hop artists have either stuff missing, or nothing at all. The reason I can never give up my MP3s.

De La Soul a prime example.


These ones


Due to samples that


Well that’s what I always assumed, but if Paul’s Boutique is on there…


Johnathan Fire*Eater


Also really annoying that all of Sun Kil Moon’s albums are on Spotify except the two I want to listen to the most.


ffs glenn


Haha, yeah this pissed me off the other day. Really wanted to see the clip of Beavis and Butthead watching it as well but couldn’t find that on youtube.


Not sure if anybody is finding the same thing here, but You Forgot it in People only has 4 tracks available on Spotify

Broken Social Scene

Just watched the (non-B&B) video. That bit where he kills the chicken at the end, am I meant to find that hilarious?


just spooky, I think


Royal Trux.




The Red House Painters album with All Mixed Up on it. Boxes by Swimmer


And the Catherine Wheel debut album


Drives me crazy!

Also: Silver Jews.