Artists That You Hope Will Return in 2017

Flying Lotus promised that a Thundercat LP is coming out this year


David Bowie

Owen Pallett said he was working on a sequel to Heartland, that was about a year ago. Where’s my goddamn Heartland sequel, Owen?

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I think I am being fair…if you announce an album in 2015 and after 2017 it’s still not released…I think you’d accept being lumped in with other “elusive” bands

albums by these would be wicked:

Daft Punk
St. Vincent
Flying Lotus
Jon Hopkins
Jungle (not exactly looking forward, just curious)
Mount Kimbie
Tom Vek
The xx

Aside from stuff already mentioned…

Pretty sure Converge will be back with a new one. Hoping after the Blood Moon tour with Chelsea Wolfe etc it has reinvigorated their creativity a bit. I loved that set.

The Bug/The Body (apparently this is happening??? Can’t remember anything concrete, definitely heard rumblings though. Hope it’s true)
The Bug/Earth (doing a set together at Roadburn so must have more tracks ready to drop)
The Haxan Cloak (what happened to this guy???)
La Dispute - the single they put out this year is great, don’t think there’s any mention of an album yet
Sharon Van Etten- Not Myself and the other EP she dropped since Are We There are both great. I’m just greedy
Sky Ferraria (again, what happened to her album? Sure it was on the way)
HAIM (ditto)

The same band I post in this thread every year…

The Sundays.


i don’t most of these bands BUT i have to say Red Paintings are the absolute worst band of all time!

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Summat new from the antlers would be good, I think Pete silberman was working on some solo stuff, that’d do the job. Brand New, Glassjaw (ha), Baths maybe.

Burial please! Last we heard he was too busy playing a video game or something…



Jetplane Landing


New Converge and Haxan Cloak would be great! Seems like Haxan Cloak has been quite busy with doing production work and soundstrack stuff though.

At least there was this!

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Do Make Say Think have their new LP recorded and so should drop very soon
Mogwai are travelling to the states each side of Christmas to record/mix their new LP.

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Excited for the following returns

These New Puritans
Forest Swords
Fever Ray (hopefully?)
My Vitriol LOL


Cheatahs. I love the first album – had a really big impact on me. Wasn’t so keen on the follow-up at first, but it’s grown on me loads since, and now find myself listening to it more often than the first. Very intrigued to see where they go next, should they do so.


Oh fuck yeah! That would be sweeeeeet. Are they still going?

YES! New Converge would be most welcome.