Artists / types of music you've been meaning to get into for ages, and would like a helping hand as to where to start


I started with Little which seemed like a good introduction. But I haven’t actually listened to a whole lot of him, so there might be better answers from other people.


Just get Joe’s Garage for Zappa. It’s hysterical.


Start with Purple Rain

then Sign o the Times

then Lovesexy

then Parade

then Symbol Album (if only for Three Chains O’ Gold, 7 and Sexy MF)

then Around the world in a Day

then Dirty Mind

basically start with Purple Rain, then anything backwards and up till 1993/95 is great.


Pretty much this - although I found their latest, Restarter, a bit samey.

Harmonicraft (their best, imho - just that right mix of sludge and pop), Meanderthal and self-titled are all definitely worth checking out. The In Return EP is a bit of a beast as well.


late career classics: I really like the Third Eye Girl record from a couple of years back, and The Gold Experience is pretty decent.


I’ve downloaded the album on constellation , but will try others too

  • Post-rock / instrumental-rock outside of GY!BE / Sigur Ros / Mogwai (for someone who thinks Lift Yr Skinny fists is one of the few best things ever made and also can’t stop playing “March Into the Sea” by Pelican)

  • Jason Molina (I already have the Songs:Ohia album Magnolia Electric Company, but that’s it and I’m not sure where to go next. FWIW my favorite on the album is “The Big Game Is Every Night”)


50, 000 Fall Fans Can’t Be Wrong - it’s a best of up to the mid 2000s and will all you pick albums you think you’ll like.

I would probably recommend Nation’s Saving Grace as a first album though.


I’m no expert having only recently got into him myself but I started with his latter albums North Star Deserter and At the Cut. Both are utterly brilliant


Baroness - Red


Mono re:post rock?


Kyuss - Sky Valley is one of my favourite albums ever but you might get into the swirly spacey riffiness of Blues For The Red Sun more from Sabbath.

It’s a long way from canon, but I really like Ruder Forms Survive by Capricorns who do instrumental stoner metal.


I’ve been meaning to try them after hearing the name for so long, but never got around to it for some reason. What’s a good album to start with?


Someone on here recommended starting by listening to the peel sessions box set (which cots £3 to download for a few weeks) to start off with for the fall. It has all their ‘greatest hits’ and some of the peel versions are superior to the album recordings!


Dirty three

Do make say think

The Doldrums




I always liked their first one, under the pipal tree


Start with This Nation’s Saving Grace I reckon, then basically any other 80s album. Hex Enduction Hour is probably their best and Perverted by Language is a big fav of mine. Their 80s stuff is generally untouchable for the most part (the 2 from 79 are also v good).

If you’ve enjoyed some of that stuff then there’s been some good ones post-2000. Real New Fall LP and Your Future Our Clutter are my favourite later ones (the latter is the best the current lineup has done), or The Unutterable for some more electronic bits if you like.

The 90s stuff is decent but largely more expendable, best left to the end if you’re still interested in exploring at that point.


Definitely give Mono a listen. Also Caspian, Russian Circles, Whale Fall, Toundra, Labradford. Also if you like GY!BE then check out Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra, Set Fire to Flames, Fly Pan Am, Hrsta and Esmerine.


Molina: The Lioness

Gizzard Lizard: I’m In Your Mind Fuzz

How about Balkan folk music, anyone got anything to recommend? Been listening to Boban Markovic and Lajko Felix for years but have never found anything which compares to their brilliance, sure it must be out there.


Try Isis, theyre post rocky metal but so good