Artists / types of music you've been meaning to get into for ages, and would like a helping hand as to where to start


Not actually Balkan but there’s a Bristol band called shelanigig who have s lot of klezma influences who are pretty great. Not sure it really comes across in recordings but worth checking out live.

Tarif de haidouks (sp) are the go-to gypsy folk band. Think they’re Bulgarian or Romanian


She’Koyokh are a good klezmer band, often gigging round the UK too.


Mastodon, Baroness and Sleep come to mind


For Jason Molina if you like the full band sound of Magnolia Electric Company then you’ll probably enjoy going forward with the rest of the MEC releases. His earlier stuff as Songs: Ohia is a lot more sparse but really beautiful - I’d recommend giving Didn’t It Rain and The Lioness a go.


A Hawk & A Hacksaw dabble in the Balkan folk music area, maybe try their collaboration with the Hun Hungar Ensemble


Another vote for Baroness (Red or Blue albums) and Sleep (the hour long Dopesmoker may not be the best first foray, try Holy Mountain). Neurosis are pretty sludgy, their latest Fires Within Fires is worth a listen.


My jumping off point was the Beautiful Maladies Island Records compilation. It gives a good representation of his mid period stuff. Then maybe go for Mule Variations for his later, odder stuff.


I really like big, anthemnic, loud and sprawling epic rock with a narrative. Think Fucked Up, Hold Steady and Titus Andronicus - but where, if anywhere, does one go from there?


The Drones



Thanks, LastAstronaut!


Marilyn Manson - Mechanical Animals
The Thermals - The Body, The Blood, The Machine
QOTSA - Songs for the Deaf
Okkervil River - Black Sheep Boy

obv Okkervil don’t really hit the mark on the loud bit, but its rock



Always been a massive fan of this, especially the way it all kicks off 3 minutes in.


start with Little and work chronologically


Not sure that fits the narrative part of 82’s request. What with it being instrumental and all.

It fucking rips though.


Yeah, it’s a long shot. Seems like something he’d like though.


It’s always worth posting some Earthless. If it’d have been a response to “how to get into Tom Waits” I’d still give it the thumbs up.


I’m familiar with QOTSA and Okkervil River, and I used to really quite like The Thermals but haven’t heard them in some time. A revisit is due.

Mechanical Animals has intrigued me for years, but I haven’t dared take the plunge. Maybe I should.


I will give this a go later. Great album cover, if nothing else!


It’s great. Got heavily into that and Antichrist Superstar a couple of years ago. Would come home from work and play loads of Mario Kart 8 online while drinking cheap lager and listen to those.

Wasn’t having a quarter life crisis. I swear.


Replace Mario Kart 8 with Quake 3 and Marilyn Manson with Rush and you’ve described my late 20s weekends!