Artists / types of music you've been meaning to get into for ages, and would like a helping hand as to where to start


Been meaning to get this for a while, think I came across it while looking into Graceland roots




This Nation’s Saving Grace was a good starting point for me. I liked it on first listen.

If you like that, check out The Wonderful and Frightening World of The Fall, which is also a good album and quite easy to get into.

I’ve only properly listened to those two and I don’t feel like I need to listen to anything else. Probably missing out, but that’s as far as my curiosity will take me.


I’ve got the 4th one of these and it’s good. Would also recommend a compilation called Can’t You Hear Me which someone on here recommended me.


I’d love a really good compilation of West African Hi-Life music - the sort of thing you are always told is being ripped off by Vampire Weekend and lots of other bands. I’ve tried various ones over the years but never found one that really captures that distinctive guitar sound.



Beautiful Maladies is where I got started. I’d also suggest his last one, Bad as Me - a pretty good balance between out there oddness and more accessible stuff


I don’t really know hilife but this is really good:


That’s more funk/afrobeat. Good stuff but not what I’ve been looking for.


I haven’t but it sounds great, I’ll check it out. Thanks!


Thanks, I’ll check them out. Deltron 3030 rings a bell think I’ve heard some of his stuff before.


I spent a year backpacking around Africa about 15 years ago, and the music of Anglophone west Africa - Ghana and Sierra Leone in particular - was the best music of the trip, just a huge amount of fun. I’m
really surprised that there hasn’t been a breakout act into Europe from there (unless I’ve missed it) like the Malian desert blues of tinariwen and songhoy
Blues (a sound which does nothing for me) or central Africa like staff benda bilili or mbingwana star (which is fantastic).

I’ve a load of cassettes in my loft from the travels but most of the ones from that region are just unmarked tapes or local dialect stuff so unfortunately I’ve nothing to particularly recommend, and like you I do keep trying to find it, so keen to hear if anyone has.

It’s definitely a guitar sound I wish David tattersall would go back to, the wave pictures have moved a long way from this sound in their last few albums.


Tattersall is such an amazing musician (unusually so for a British ‘indie’ artist) that he tends to sound different with every record. Those extended Neil Young style solos he was doing a while ago have now been replaced with the punky, distorted sound on recent records. Who knows where he will go next.


Just to chime in on the anglophone west african chat, my mate does a lot of the artwork for this crowd who put on nights and put out vinyl releases of I think mainly Nigerian and Ghanain music - from listening I’d describe as kinda horn driven jazz funk but don’t know what to call the genre. Not really my bag but they’re great people with genuine love of the music so worth checking out if it floats your boat


Don’t know a compilation but Pat Thomas is a great highlife guy with some of that sparkling guitar.


Holy Wood as well by Marliyn yer Manson. Properly anthemic :metal:


That’s really great.


Absolutely agree with you about tattersall, the level of musicianship probably isn’t immediately apparent on record but he’s a absolute joy to watch live. The acceptable face of the guitar solo.

Really wasn’t impressed with the billy childish album (and the two after that weren’t that great either) but for a band so prolific it’s amazing that it took so long for the wave pics to release a duff disc, must have been about 10 albums of more or less solid gold if you include things like the Springsteen and molina tribute albums and stuff they did with Stanley brinks.


bone machine too. a little misleading since there’s so much guitar on it but the songwriting is what draws you in, and it gets you used to his sense of humour.


did you miss the manson thread? mechanical animals is a great daft record. full on concept goth.