Artists / types of music you've been meaning to get into for ages, and would like a helping hand as to where to start


this is cool. thank you!


Or Clear Spot.

I made the same mistake starting with Trout Mask Replica.


Also maybe C W Stoneking?


This guy does good ‘trance blues’

On an Indian music tip, check out the album Call of the Valley, kind of a love story where the male and female parts get played by different instruments (some kind of flute and guitar I think) but generally beautiful and bucolic


Fat Possum is awesome!


Yes I remember one of my friends saying that he bought TMR and only listened to it the once. Think you need to prepare yourself for it. Quite like it now


he’s making that guitar talk man. wow.


on it!


It’s boss!

Not at all like the music I was thinking of (it’s instrumental), but it’s very, very boss.


“Indian music”

Watch Anoushka Shankar’s Glastonbury 2016 set. She’s Ravi’s daughter, and she takes the sitar to some VERY interesting places:


sitar always sounds really futuristic to me. crazy it’s so old.


Kaleidoscope Dream > Channel Orange



All I Want Is You > Channel Orange


@yuggy There’s quite a few recent rnb albums I prefer to Channel Orange (which I like but dont love)

Luke James — Luke James.
Tinashe — Aquarius
Goapele — Break of Dawn
K Michelle — any of her last three albums
Dawn Richard — Goldenheart
Kehlani — You Should Be Here
Dumblonde — dumblonde
Ty Dolla $ign — Free TC
Gallant — Ology
Maxwell — blackSUMMERSnight
YMTK — All the Right Places
The Dream — any of his first three albums but especially his first two


yeah even the 3rd Dream album is fucking miles ahead of Frank Ocean (I mean they’re pretty much the greatest R&B albums ever imo but that’s probably contentious)


Uncle acid and the deadbeats - Valley of the dolls

Halfway between doom and psych.


I’ve got your back.

Just re-listened to Channel Orange and I must say it’s more dull than I remembered. like 3 classic tracks and that’s about it :grimacing:


maybe Follakzoid or Goat? On the more poppy side, that Melody’s Echo Chamber album is quite crunchy


can’t get enough of that goapele album since you recommended it last
nice one


Indian Music. Charanjiy Singh: 10 Ragas To A Disco Beat. Amazing this was released in 1982:

Modern blues. Would also recommend CW Stinking as mentioned above. His debut, Jungle Blues, is particularly great: