Artists where every album is better then the last


The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Are You Experienced (1967)
Axis: Bold as Love (1967)
Electric Ladyland (1968)

Talk Talk

1982 The Party’s Over
1984 It’s My Life
1986 The Colour of Spring
1988 Spirit of Eden
1991 Laughing Stock

Any others?


St Vincent
07 - Marry Me
09 - Actor
11 - Strange Mercy
16 - St Vincent

89 - Bleach
91 - Nevermind
93 - In Utero

91 - Wretch
92 - Blues For The Red Sun
94 - Welcome To Sky Valley
95 - And The Circus Leaves Town


I was going to say Hole as I marginally prefer Celebrity Skin to Live Through This but then remembered their very weak final album Nobody’s Daughter.

The only other I can think of is Taylor Swift. Unfortunately I am being serious.


At The Drive-In recently put an end to their inevitable shoe-in appearance in this thread.


I’d almost agree with Talk Talk but just think although Laughing Stock is great, Spirit of Eden is just one of the greatest albums of all time…an absolute masterpiece.


Pretty rare isn’t it, this?

Most bands peak in the middle, and the rest tend to just get shitter.


It’s a toss up between Blues and Sky Valley for Kyuss’ best album but I’d go with Valley > Blues. No one thinks And the Circus Leaves Town is best though. No one.


I do.


I don’t know why you’d lie to me like this.


Combination of my arrogance and your stinkin’ attitude m7.

Nah, it’s just full of bangers. I like it a lot. Also, I think I over listened to BOTRS when I first got into them.


It does have it’s fair share of bangers, I’ll give you that. I actually really didn’t like it compared to the others when I first heard it but over the years it’s grown on me. It’s no Sky Valley though imho.


It’s good that they all exist.


Rolo Tomassi

Arctic Monkeys :upside_down_face:
Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not
Favourite Worst Nightmare
Suck It and See


Final Fantasy/Owen Pallett

Has A Good Home
He Poos Clouds
In Conflict

(please for the love of god Owen make a new album)


Think St Vincent’s most recent is my 3rd favourite of hers


Veto. Strange Mercy is much better than S/T

Still love her tho.


On paper.


Thats the point. To celebrate the acts that just keep growing.


Nah that Arctic Monkeys stuff is complete gash.

Arctic Monkeys:

Favourite Worst Nightmare
Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not
Suck It and See


I think this is the most accepted opinion and I probably rate them about level but its an argument that can very well be made. And there is certainly progression between the two.