Artists who became so synonymous with a scene that it destroyed them

The ones who you really only associate with that one sound or style because they became the bastions of it.

Justice - Blog House

Huge hype with their debut. Big gap before the follow up, by which point no-one cared.

Klaxons - Nu-Rave

Desperately tried to shake the association with Surfing The Void, but was too late alredy.


Salem: witch house.


think it was specifically the cover of Surfing The Void that destroyed them

Pretty much every Britpop band outside of the big 3 (Blur, Oasis, Pulp).

Suede escaped very well tbf.

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Not Britpop really. Even Coming Up is still on the fringes

One way to find out!


  • Britpop
  • Not Britpop

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Fischerspooner - electroclash


It doesn’t get more Britpop than Suede they were the catalyst for the whole scene.


Nah, Suede may have been proto-britpop to some but predating the whole thing by at least two albums allows them to straddle the britpop moment

I’d say the same of blur & Pulp too…but not Oasis

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Maybe they had two albums by the peak of Britpop but Britpop time frame is generally considered to be 93-97. Suedes debut came out in 93. I was too young, so don’t remember it but I’m going on what Like Haines said in his book and he very much had Suede pinned as the band the press used to start the whole scene. A British alternative to fight back against American grunge.

Suede were Britpop


Select did that issue with Suede & blur (Modern life is rubbish) and some others with the whole dad’s army fight against grunge bullshit

But really Suede had been around for a while and were in the NME & MM already in ‘91, had some big (in indie terms) singles in 92 …they were more part of a scene of indie bands left over from Madchester & shoegaze; Ride, Charlatans, Boo Radleys, Lush, Verve and all that… They bridged the gap over to the Britpop era but they predate it quite significantly imho

Also, while we’re here;
Verve - not Britpop
The Verve - the pinnacle, the azimuth of Britpop

Bitter Sweet Symphony video is undiluted essence of Britpop

Blur predated Britpop too but they were still part of the press created movement of Britpop

So did Pulp

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You can include blur and Pulp in britpop but britpop was not the entirety of blur & pulp, same with Suede. Unlike say Menswear or Echobelly or Sleeper or Republica or Elastica (or arguably Oasis) who don’t exist at all outside of Britpop.

Saying ‘Suede are Britpop’ is like saying ‘PJ Harvey is Britpop’


Well I remember it all very differently to you :slightly_smiling_face:

If you’re going to say that Blur and Pulp were Britpop, then Suede are too.

Different strands and origins, but it was a pretty broadly-used term.

I’d say that Suede sat completely apart from the Madchester and shoegaze scenes as well.


I might have a particular point of view due to the fact that in 90-92 I saw all of blur, Suede, Teenage Fanclub, Lush, Ride, Charlatans, Boo Radleys, PJ Harvey, Pulp, Verve and others live

Britpop is a genre which encompasses all British guitar bands from the 90’s I don’t really like.