Artists who haven't released an album for over 7 years


Since Aphex Twin and The Avalanches released albums in the last few years are there other artists you would like to hear albums from who haven’t been around for a while?

Ones that stand out for me and their last albums are:

Portishead 2008
Soulwax 2005





The Raconteurs
Mojo Nixon


My Vitriol


had a conversation with someone recently on whether or not we reckoned lauryn hill was gonna put another studio, solo album out. can’t see it happening myself, tbh.


oooh, isn’t this solange album is meant to be coming out any day now? last full album was in 2008, she scrapped a mixtape not too long after, but then released that ep in 2012.


Soulwax sort of did this year

My Vitriol
Metallica - and I for one cannot wait to see what treats they have in store for us.


Some faint hope has been rekindled for OutKast recently. Andre has jumped on a few of the biggest releases of the year, appeared with Dungeon Family last weekend and Gucci said he made a record with them. I reckon, after years of speculation about an Andre 3000 solo album, he’d probably be more comfortable releasing something with Big Boi where the spotlight isn’t entirely on him. Their reunion tour is one of the highlights of my gig going life.

Would love a Clipse album sometime that contrasted Malice’s good vs Pusha’s evil. Produced by the Neptunes obviously. Wouldn’t rule it out happening one day.


Nah, me neither. Just a massive shame when you think about the kinda material she might have dropped over the past 20 years. Fear it would be messy and unfocused if it happened though.


The Wrens, obvs


Stars of the Lid. They claim they’re doing something before the end of the year though.


All the bands from my youth that are back together again and supposedly working on new material - Jesus & Mary Chain, Lush (although they did release an EP earlier this year), Slowdive.

Also, as ever, Curve…



(At least it feels like it anyway.)


Super Furry Animals


Stapleton. Last record was eight years ago in 2008.


The Sundays


Brand New. Not quite over 7 years but soon to be 7 years since Daisy.


Tool. On its way appaz.


Yeah Yeah Yeahs (6 years but apparently on hiatus…)

Just had to look up a few that I thought had been missing in action for a while… but not THAT long…

Grizzly Bear (4 years but working on a new one)
Feist (4 years)
Gang Gang Dance (it’s only been 5 years)
Friendly Fires (5 years - have they maybe split?)
Les Savy Fav (6 years)

Can’t seem to shift my brain from thinking of blog-loved bands from late noughties this morning.


Yeah Yeah Yeahs? I know Mosquito in 2013 was a bit disappointing (Sacrilege apart) but it still exists!