Artists who it is easy to listen to a lot of in a short period


Into an Elliott Smith binge right now. Apparently I’ve listened to 250 of his tracks in the last week. Also did this in the last few months with the smiths and Crywank.

The fall are also very easy to listen to loads, as are GBV. I’ve been known to to a Leonard Cohen binge too.


I also listened to the 69 love songs 3 times in 4 days in January


The Locust


aka List Bands You Like #372892


Hmm… perhaps this isn’t a good thread


QOTSA, Andrew bird up to noble beast, Radiohead, grandaddy, white stripes


Yeah this is list your favourite bands isn’t it?


A more interesting thread would be bands you love but don’t actually listen to very often. In my case: Joy Division. Partly because I’ve been listening to those albums so long I almost don’t need to hear them anymore, but also because they demand a level of emotional engagement I’m not always ready to give.




That’s just the best bands tho m8


Go on some pretty stretchy Nick Cave/Dirty 3 binges myself sometimes.


Also Bill Evans and/or John Coltrane rn