Artists Who Rework They Are Own Songs (Andythine)



actually quite like that version though! :slight_smile:


Only time I’ve seen him was solo acoustic which was perfect


Villagers. He’s always done it a bit with acoustic performances but reworked a lot of old songs a lot more drastically on the tour for the last album and then recorded a lot of them for the ‘Where Have You Been All My Life?’ live-in-studio album


It’s a long, long time since I’ve seen him but he was amazing on 2 of the 3 times i have seen him. Just this one time that was well executed, just not for me.


Against Me recorded acoustic and electric versions of some of the songs from Eternal Cowboy and released the alternates as 7” singles.


I always wondered why artists do that. Is it because they listened back to it and thought it could be better not to sure.


Frank Black is another who has done this – released an amazing disc of his original guitar demos for the first Pixies tracks, backed with a bizarre brassed-up disc of re-recorded versions.


I lost track of all his releases so didn’t realise what that album was at all. I guess the clue is in the name…

Going to give it a listen for sure.

I’ve actually listened to his first two solo albums recently for the first time in years and they hold up surprisingly well. Obviously Teenager needs trimming. But they both suffer from the production and just lack of power or raw edge or something. I think they could have been solid Pixies albums and maybe rough demos or re-recorded versions would be good.


Kate Bush’s Director’s Cut is excellent, most of the arrangements are better than the originals and the production is much improved.

But yeah, her ‘new vocals’ version of Wuthering Heights is really bizarre.


Kevin Gilbert did it dozens of times, but among the officially released, 1 of the best examples he did was with the Giraffe track “Because of You” he re-arranged and titled it “Shrug (Because of Me and You)”

I wrote something about those 2 and a track “I Do” on the new Bend Sinister album a few weeks ago.



Soooo much better.

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Thanks mate.


You’re right on this one though, rework is clearly the better


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There is a mention of ‘New Mix’ on the back of the CD for all the tracks from ‘Pop’ & ‘Numb’. I suspect that new vocals may also have been recorded though (this is definitely the case for the song ‘Gone’).


Inspired by the B sides thread to listen to old Faith No More b-sides, I remembered they did this twice:


(I like this because it’s the bridge between Chuck and Patton)




Sick Of It All did this for a best-of “Nonstop”. Made sense as their early stuff wasn’t recorded well. Re-recorded it sounds beefy as fuck and all the tracks flow together nicely.


I had no idea this was out there!
The second half with the slowed down brass versions is wonderful.