Artists Whose Names You Enjoy Mispronouncing

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That’s super

This doesn’t really belong here but I’d like to let you know that my dad calls roobois (the tea) “reebok”

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How do you say that though? Seem to hear a different pronunciation every time.

Idk even how to spell it. Everyone I know apart from my dad calls it roy-bosh

Blink One Hundred and Eighty Two


place bo


I always say Leonardo Decappuccino

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I’ve heard Neil Peart’s surname pronounced as “Pert”, “Part”, and “Pair-t”, but I believe he pronounces it as “Pier-t”.

Outer cray
Otter cree
Owt ech ree
Awe tech ray
Oo teacher

BJ Orc

Bumford and Chums

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This is how they shall now be known fot me from this day forth

Five ive


Just learned that SZA is pronounced ‘seeza’ - before she was Szzzza to me

Rage and the Machines
Mickey the boob
The Libertynes

always unsure about the no vowel guys. Usually end up saying their name several ways in a row when trying to refer to them. And all with rising inflection. “…that album by Es zee eh? Caesar? Suzza?”


Surely it’s “sizza” as in GZA and RZA?

Em Mine 'em

Matey Three (M83)
David Sylvain

And I’m curious how people pronounce Palmbomen II (I’m Dutch, so it’s easy for me, I even say Twee in stead of Two).

Not sure on Nosaj Thing myself, I guess it’s No Such Thing? I know it’s just meant to be Jason in reverse.