Artists with a great voice, but you can't stand it

Nick Drake. Love his music, the melodies are nice, but I wish his voice was different. It makes me physically angry.

Also Bob Dylan, obviously.

Robert Plant for me

I’m completely opposite with Nick Drake I find his voice really comforting. “Funny old game innit Saint”


Robert Plant for me too. Overly dramatic cartoon moaning, and that last bit of vocals in Good Times Bad Times might be the single most obnoxious vocal delivery of all time. But people consider him great for some reason.

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Bob Dylan doesn’t have a great voice.


Well a lot of people reckon he has. Clearly that is bullshit.

He’s got a marmite voice, I quite like it but it’s not a technically good voice. I think I think this about people like Florence and The Machine and Adele, in that they’ve clearly got ‘good’ voices that just rub me the wrong way, but it’s probably more that I don’t like any of their songs


Neil Tennant

Sam Smith

Bowie. And Suede bloke.

Yeah this, the TV has been trying to get me to listen to Dog Man Star for years but I can’t get past his voice

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janis joplin

Oof. I’m a big fan.

aye well am a big fan of dylan ya fud!! :wink: :slight_smile:

i like joplin for a couple of tracks and then her voice starts to grate for me. as for dylan i don’t think he’s got what you’d call a great voice, but for me it works but i get why folk can’t stand it.

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Yeah, likewise I can see why Janis’ voice would grate. I think I love how little she looks like she’d have that powerful a voice. Then she opens her mouth…

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joanna newsom

Amy Winehouse. Starts to sound like Cartman at times

Mick Jagger. He just sounds to me like he’s on the verge of throwing up all the time. Can’t get past it.

Florence Welch’s voice is possibly the flattest voice I’ve ever heard (other than when Kelly from the admin team used to belt out Whitney Houston at the after-work karaoke)

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Cannot stand Florence’s voice. I just don’t get how pretty much the whole country loves her singing but then again, apparently Ed Sheeran has just sold a million copies of his new album so people in general are not to be trusted. Anyhow her voice is a really unpleasant screech that is gratingly out of tune but just about any twat in the street will say ‘oh yeah she’s got a great voice innit’

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Anthony and the johnsons