Artists with Surprisingly High or Low Streaming Numbers

Sixpence None The Richer

maybe I shouldn’t be surprised?



528 million plays? Fucking hell.

That’s enough to buy insert cheap thing here etc etc

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Is “There She Goes” one of their own as well, or a cover of the La’s? If it’s a cover, 81M streams ought to be worth a few bob to Lee Mavers, at least.

81m and 200m so he’s earning a very decent chunk of his songwriter credits from their version

The La’s must be a good entry for artists who earn a mega proportion of their income from 1 song!


It’s a cover, it was another single from that same album, definitely charted over here but wasn’t the same kind of juggernaut single as Kiss Me.

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I was watching Tokyo Vice on iPlayer (good show worth watching) and there was a Japanese language cover of Kiss Me on the soundtrack so I’m guessing it’s had wide global reach too.

Former Orielles keyboardist Alex Stephens, who records under the alias Strawberry Guy, has nearly 4M monthly listeners right now. Or nearly 2.5 Jack White’s, in today’s money :person_shrugging:

It’s fascinating how this sort of thing can now happen outside of the typical “indie blogosphere” scene (for want of a better term), from what I can tell this artist has a solitary article about him on the NME website, and zero mentions at all on Pitchfork, Stereogum and DiS.