Artists with the potential to still be going strong in 30+ years time

Has this been done before?

Of newish artists (define that as you wish) today, who do you think is still going to be knocking around (and recording or playing music still worth paying attention to) in 30+ years time. Who will have the sticking power to build up back catalogues that run as deep as Yo La Tengo or Low, and who do you think could do a Neil Young or Patti Smith and still be going strong and loving it in their 70s?

Speculate away…


The future looks bleak.



As Neil Said, its better to burn out than fade away… I think a lot of artists along that similar singer songwriter trajectory such as Neil. Granted everyone has clean bill of health for the next 30+ years, I think the likes of say a Ryan Adams, Sufjan Stevens, Courtney Barnett, Car Seat Headrest, off the top of my head.

Ty Segall will have put out over 250 albums in 30 years time.

Kozelek is probably just too stubborn to die, so him as well.

I think its tougher for non-solo artists, as bands have multiple egos within to deal with. However, some bands I would like to see thrive 30+ years from now: Tame Impala, Russian Circles, Beach House, The National, Godspeed you Black Emperor.

Tons of ambient/drone artists will still be around, as a lot have every minimal presence in the public eye as it is, don’t have to worry about voices getting shot etc…

Probably someone like Jeffrey Lewis.

The Rolling Stones


This was going to be my next choice. For some reason it seems like they’d stick around and keep going at a high level (probably because they just released 5 classics in a row and don’t seem to hate each other).


In all honesty, I think Billy is the Neil Young of his generation, just with better songs and albums but worse politics and hats.

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hey easy now :grin:

Corgan definitely has the Neil Young stubbornness factor… he will be around awhile.

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Don’t worry, that wasn’t supposed to be a knock on Neil Young, I love him too. Not many artists release a possible career best song over 40 years in.


Honestly, Stereophonics. Been around years now and still chart high… god knows how but can see them being one of those who just keep going


My word. That is quite some take. Almost admirable in its absurdity.


Frank Ocean will probably continue with sparse drops making him elusive and cool.

Ed Sheeran will be leading the crowd out to singalongs of Shape of You in his 70s


reckon John Dwyer will be churning out albums for many years even if he drops the Oh Sees name at some point along the way to old age


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It’ll be Ed Sheeran won’t it