Artists without a duffer in their entire back catalogue



RATM :smiley:


I bang on about this a lot, but Unwound were every bit the band Fugazi were


The Smiths (if you include Hatful of Hollow & Louder Than Bombs, which I do)


Whilst it is their weakest, I like it.


Elliott Smith, Modest Mouse, and Queens of the Stone Age are the only ones I can think of without having to add in any further explanation or disclaimer or justification. Elliott Smith is probably the best answer.

All Pumpkins and Built to Spill albums are good too, but their best are far greater than their still-good weakest.


That last Modest Mouse album was a bit much.


Also lullabies to paralyse and era vulgaris? Mm.


Arab Strap. Not one duffer there.


I think Lullabies might be their best overall album, or at the very least tied with Rated R.


Four Tet is pretty damn consistent.


All of Dan Snaith’s guises / projects (Manitoba, Caribou & Daphni) are pretty great!


Kurt Vile


And Wild Beasts. Took me a while to get into Smother after the first two but then it clicked and since then I’m on board wherever they’re taking me


also yet to hear any Fela Kuti track that isn’t a stormer


Wish it weren’t the case, but Valtari is a legit duffer. Varúð almost carries the entire album, but it’s just so bland in my opinion :frowning:


Not this again… :wink: Ravedeath is his duffer. His early stuff was his best.


Having poo-pooed a couple of suggestions, I’ll offer Aphex Twin, Autechre, and Boards of Canada.

Drukqs is the only Aphex record which could be accused of being a duffer, but it feels essential in its own weird way.
Autechre are remarkable in their consistency.
BoC you could argue duffer-status for Campfire Headphase but there’s enough gold on there to carry it.


Drukqs is second only to SAWII as the best Aphex album!

Boards of Canada, though… yeah. Them. Not a single duffer.


The Beatles (With The Beatles, Magical Mystery Tour and Let It Be are all better albums than most of their contemporaries ever made)


ICBYD is the best, but that’s a different discussion. Think you would be hard pressed to find a Sigur Ros fan who ranked Valtari anywhere other than bottom.