Artists without a duffer in their entire back catalogue



That’s true, but the album’s not without its charms either. The only problem is that it’s essentially an ambient album. And when I want ambient music, I rarely turn to Sigur Ros.


I almost included Autechre from the get go but then thought that, by their own very high standards, Incunabula is not at the same level as the rest of their back catalogue…


I respect your opinion but you’re crackers on this one.


Will listen again to it today in case it’s become not a duffer.

@Petagno I really love Incunabula - legit one of my favourite releases by them. It definitely sounds dated in a way that, say, Amber or Tri Repetae don’t though.


All Pumpkins albums are certainly not good


Fair enough :+1:

Also… you are bang wrong about Ravedeath


On it now.

Not sure it’s so much the music that’s bad, so much as the lack of coherence - I’m listening to In the Fog 1 and on any other Timmy H album it would be the penultimate track closing out a arc of songs which have risen and are now falling. Here, it’s track 2 so some weird reason.


In The Fog 3 should also be a penultimate / closing track. Think maybe the problem is he made a whole album of closers? Feels like it’s constantly about to end…


RtJ are on their way to this, for the record. Three shit-hot albums.


Era Vugaris is great. Lullabies is patchy but very decent


No chance is it on par with Rated R. It’s got some great stand out moments but it’s definitely their least strongest album, imo anyway


If it wasn’t for Wretch sounding like a different band I’d gladly whack Kyuss up here.


Do Make Say Think always release very, very good albums.


Like I said in the other thread, Gish through Machina II is my favorite run of albums by any band ever (and songs in general, when you include the massive amount of b-sides and demos and unreleased songs). All of them are all time classics IMO.

If you remove the expectations and don’t compare them to what came before, Zeitgeist and Oceania are great. I think they’d be more appreciated if he changed the production style and went back to his pre-singing-lessons style of singing. Monuments is fine and a very good “just throw it on” album, it’s just not special like the early ones and the quality of the lyrics is far, far, far below what he’s capable of.


I think it’s a more up and down listen than Rated R, but the still-good lesser songs do a great job of setting up the best songs. It functions very well as a complete album. I’ve always been drawn to bands’ long, exhausting albums though.


I’ve got your back here. Not a duffer but Ravedeath is really clusterphobic and one of his weaker releases. While Radio Amour and Haunt Me are both excellent. Even Mirages and Imaginary Country have thier charms.


I think it’s maybe 4 or 6 songs too long. The Front end is packed with intense monster tunes, Medication through to The Blood Is Love, but towards the end it just sort of peters out for me. 10 out of 14(16) is not bad though really.


I’d argue duffer status for Tomorrow’s Harvest. It’s maybe not bad, but not good enough to really include them in this topic.



I respect your opinion


I’m also not sure whether they strictly meet the criteria of a minimum of four studio albums, but what the hey…this is a talking shop after all :+1: