Artists without a duffer in their entire back catalogue



Somehow almost forgot Greg Dulli - both The Afghan Whigs and The Twilight Singers fit, which is pretty amazing.


Future of the Left


I’m fucking off the 5 albums rule and launching in Jimi Hendrix Experience and Mr Bungle.






I love Bjork and would instantly buy anything with her name on. As a result this is possibly the worst album I have ever heard, certainly the worst I’ve ever bought:


What alternative facts are you using to get to five studio albums for Boards of Canada?


Was it with you that I discussed this album at length on the old boards?

I listened to it for the first time when someone described it as the worst album they’ve ever heard, and I found it to be full of embryonic ideas that would later be fleshed out into full songs on her subsequent albums. I think I described it as “a Rosetta Stone for understanding her 21st century work.” I’m a twat like that.

If this discussion was with you, then either you’ve not yet had a chance to revisit it yet, or you have, and it’s even worse than you thought.



Shit, missed that bit of the OP. Mods, do your worst :sweat:

Can I just pretend that Twoism is an LP?


It was me. I’ve not been brave enough to go back. Too scarred by my first listen.


Are you now going to claim to having listened to all of those?


explosions in the sky


No, I’m yet to hear Catalog 3, Acid Memories, Closes vol. 1, Hooper Bay and Play By Numbers.

And I dare to call myself a fan!


The problem is one of those might be a duffer (unlikely, I know)


magical mystery tour is a bag of shite


wait…what was on it again?


as everyone is just listing their favourite bands again I’m gonna chuck in Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci. Not a bad album out of the 9 they released. You may beg to differ but you are of course wrong.




Bloodbrothers. Got in there first @TKC. Not a duffer amongst them