Artists without a duffer in their entire back catalogue



He’s not crackers. Ravedeath is his one definite misstep. Even his Jetone releases are better than Ravedeath.


So there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i’d add in radar bros.

probably hood, richter and boats, maybe apparat and son lux (if you count Rigby)


And it’s only really 7 years as well




Rated R > Lullabies to Paralyze > Like Clockwork > QOTSA > Songs for the Deaf > Eva Vulgaris


Come on people, tell me you don’t hear any Robbie Williams in this:


you need to get less tinkle in your toes or something.


Don’t get me wrong, I really like it! Just, y’know, probably the one with the most variation in critical opinion.


St. Vincent.


Even the less appealing Wilco albums have much to offer. So I’m going to add Wilco to this surprisingly long list.


It did get bad reviews at the time it came out, but I think its reputation has grown over the years (and quite rightly)


I’ve heard Drukqs so many times, but it was only on the most recent listen that I realised that the plinky music box sound is actually a prepared piano. Until then I thought he’d made his own music boxes!


dälek are pretty consistent - Filthy Tongues, Absence, Abandoned Language, Gutter Tactics and Asphalt for Eden are all strong-to-excellent albums. The Negro Necro Nekros EP was pretty good, and the Deadverse Massive comp was ace too.

Apparently they’re mixing a new one at the moment! :thumbsup:


Not at all. All I hear is a fucking TUNE!


Brand New


As if sounding like Robbie Williams is a bad thing anyway. Let Love Be Your Energy makes me feel happier than most other songs.


any excuse



Vampyre… sounds nothing like Robbie Williams to me though


Yeah, it was a strange comparison.