Artists without a duffer in their entire back catalogue



Ah well, the opening lines definitely remind me of some of his tunes, although not the one that’s been linked in this thread. I’m very happy to disagree with anyone that thinks Vampyre is a decent track though.


Tentatively Arcade Fire, but that new single might suggest this will end soon (which I know it already will have for others)


I respect your opinion but you’re crackers on this one.


PJ Harvey is yet to release a bad album.


Reflektor is a 100% duffer.


Yeah I like to pretend Daisy doesn’t exist too


so so so very wrong.


It’s 100% their second best album!


Daisy is great IMO


Nope. Daisy sounds rushed and is basically unlistenable. No surprise that when they played their full album shows in America everyone walked out after they finished Devil and God.


oooft. I completely disagree. It’s my second favourite of theirs. wonderfully produced and probably their best flowing album, but whatever.




Uh Huh Her is potentially her duffer I would say…


The title track is ok, but surely no-one listens to the rest of it for pleasure?

Pompous, pretentious, indie-bores arrogantly decide they can ‘do dance music’ without a clue what that means. It’s vapid, over-long and utterly soulless.


But that’s just you’re opinion maaaaaan


Robbie is a genius


:facepunch: :wink:


Dutch Uncles. Five albums, all ace.


its bad compared with their other 3 albums, but its not a terrible album in itself


also, has anyone said st vincent yet?