Artists without a duffer in their entire back catalogue



Has anyone mentioned Cocteau Twins? Have my favourites but never put any of theirs on and thought this is a bit shit


Thing is about Sleater-Kinney, they’ve got a 100% record of great albums, and literally only one song that isn’t brilliant (it’s Prisstina).

Los Campesinos! keeping it one hunnerd. Anybody who disagrees is an angry buffoon.


I did.



cool. i’m repeating it for emphasis.


Their last two albums are very poor by their standards, but you’re right - they’re by no means shit.


I can think of many bands with predominantly great back catologues but one or two average/quite-good entries but the following are bands for whom all albums I would rate at an 8/10 or above

Bands with 3 or more records as I found plenty with 2 or less albums…

Explosions in the Sky (the debut and the last one scraping an 8)
Simon & Garfunkel
Sunny Day Real Estate
Galaxie 500
Low (just about)
Bill Fay
16 Horsepower
Cocteau Twins (just about…maybe)
Ornette Coleman


Everything Jason Molina did, songs:ohia, magnolia electric co, solo stuff, all amazing.


Not many duffers amongst their solo material either.


Nah. I love explosions but the two that came after Cold Dead Place are crap.


Brand New fans are a pretty fickle bunch. A lot of us like (love) Daisy though. Different strokes for different folks.




Thee Oh Sees
Ty Segall


Young Thug







probably bach and brahms too


Having specifically excluded Arcade Fire from the OP, I’m now revisiting this thread to add Arcade Fire to the list of bands with five or more albums who qualify.

No hand wringing required…


Even Pablo Honey isn’t a duffer so Radiohead can be in this thread, IMO.

If you hadn’t specified 5 albums I’d have put in Ghostpoet as he’s just released his fourth and it’s another blinder.


I actually had that album in my hands this very lunchtime - got the Black Angels album instead…

Liked everything I’ve heard of his and enjoyed him very much the only time I’ve seen him live, but just don’t seem to have had the time to properly get into him. Feels like he should be bigger by now?


Mark Kozelek until Among the Leaves. 20 years of genius unfuckwithable awesomeness followed by 5 years of Wesley Willis sleep talking.