Artists you hope release an album in 2020

Oh really? I’d heard they’d lost an original member, and also with Peter’s hearing issues I just kind of presumed he wasn’t returning to the full band stuff, and would stick to solo. Huge if true, though.

That’s what he said. The Antlers first 2 lps were Peter solo anyway.
It was a band setup but not lots of synths n stuff.
Stayed tuned I guess.

Ok this sounds pretty awesome…

yep. the EP this year was great

Junior Brother’s debut LP is one of my favourites of the year and I’ve heard he’s currently recording the next one already so presume/hope that’s out in 2020

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I think I might want a new Holy Fawn album more than anything. Death Spells has been shooting up my decade list.


Old Kanye


Listened to Death Spells today for the first time in a few months, as it happens. Maaaaannnn, what a record. Let’s have a new one and Europe tour :+1:


They’re touring the US with Thrice, mewithoutYou and Drug Church. Great line up

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Five years between Have One on Me and Divers, next autumn is five years since Divers - a new Joanna Newsom could happen, right? Right?!

(see also: Sufjan Stevens for five years between albums)


5 years…seriously, where does the time go?!

She did play a string of U.S. shows recently but no sign of new material unfortunately.

Yeah, though I remember how Sapokanikan just emerged with no warning so I can but hope!

Well yeah, those shows were largely impromptu, too, so who knows. Still gutted I didn’t see her on the Divers tour.

I liked Daft punk back in the early days of Homework and Discovery. I’ve been a bit indifferent on stuff since but I think I’d still be hyped if they brought out a new album. Random Access Memories was 2013. Does anyone think they’ll come back with something?

The list of artists that hasitleaked obtained stated that Daft Punk were in the studio so maybe not this year but, at some point.

Said it before (possibly in this thread) but would LOVE a return to form TVOTR


Hoping for a Tierra Whack album! And one that’s the standard 45min, not 15min. I see her freestyling on ig hoping it will translate into a project


New Weekend and Beach Fossils for me. Would also love to hear something new from Lemonade - been six years since they released Minus Tide.

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