Artists you now love that took a lot of effort to get into

Two DiS favourites come to mind for me, The Cure and NC&TBS. Probably because both of their peak periods are before when I really started listening to music so I don’t have that connection. It took a lot of listening to see why Nick is so loved, but now… BTW, Murder Ballads and AB/TLOO are my favourites.


Bought I think four albums before I got them. Back when CDs were cheap and I had money. I was really determined to get them.

I have around a dozen Sonic Youth albums (think I bought about 8 off someone on here once in one go), still no idea if I like Sonic Youth or not.


Thanks for reminding me that I really wanted to listen to Goo the other day.

(Some of them are very good)

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I really really like Murray Street, but none of the others has really clicked.

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Ahhh that was the first one I bought, I think. Definitely got it as a new release. Rain on Tin <3

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Sparks are the one I always think of when this comes up. For years I really didn’t get them at all, but just had a sneaking feeling that there was something there I was missing. Then eventually it just clicked.


Always liked sparks but assumed everything outside of Kimono/propaganda/No.1 song wasn’t worth bothering with, their run from ‘L’il Beethoven’ to ‘The Seduction Of Ingmar Bergman’ however convinced me they were one of the greatest of all time and ive since discovered that they have numerous great ‘lost’ albums throughout their career. They’re still in top form too, can’t wait for ‘Annette’, the hollywood musical they’ve written, or the Edgar Wright doc that’s coming out. Love them.

The Fall would be the band it took me the longest to get into, first heard of them around '92/'93 when MES was constantly in the weeklies and always being hailed as a genius but the (then) current albums just didn’t do it for me, and still don’t to be honest. I eventually went back to the earlier stuff ('78-'83) after getting into ‘Country On The Click’ and finally got why they were seen as such a great band.

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And only now after about 10 years of trying I actually kinda “get it”

Probably DEP and Converge. Took me a few years to properly get into them rather than just liking a few songs

The Fall. Started with a compilation of their 80s stuff and was put off a bit by the production. Think their 70s and 00s albums are probably the most accessable

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Neil Young, didn’t like the voice - now I love it. Good poster too.

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Probably Joanna Newsom for me. I remember getting Ys off the back of the acclaim & while I could appreciate the brilliance immediately, it was no doubt an effort to go back for repeat listens.
Really only completely fell for her music after Have One On Me was released (which in itself was another slog initially). Once Baby Birch got under my skin that was it - I was floored & everything fell into place.

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I feel like I’m in this process with Big Thief. For me, their albums are growers in a sequoia sense.


still waiting for this to happen for me

Red House Painters took me a while. Their songs were long and meandering and took a while to click.

Love them now. So much so that I painted my house red.


There’s probably a thread in “bands you think that you probably either should or might be into but they haven’t yet clicked with you.”

Mine would be Fugazi.

On paper they should be one of my favourite bands: the guitar tone(s), the politics, the intensity: everything that I love but I can’t remember anything bar ‘waiting room’ 30 seconds after it’s finished.


Everything Everything.

C. 2010 they just annoyed me. Those quirky vocal harmonies reminded me of the backing band from the Jonathan Ross Show, whatever they were called, Five Heterosexuals and a Musical Receptacle.

Now I think they’re breathtakingly great.

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Their debut was definitely not an easy first listen; that breathless, barking high register vocal delivery, the sheer maximal mathy music behind it. It took me a while to warm to, even off the back of My Kz, Yr Bf which I loved at first blush. I know a lot of people have come back to Man Alive and reassess it very favourably now.