Artists you'd be pushed to name more than 1 song by


Electric Light Orchestra


Jane’s Addiction


Josh Wink


Devo? Yeah, did they write any songs other than Whip it?


i did actually go through this same thought process and decided that nope, couldn’t name one


Gut Feeling is great. They did a pretty famous cover of Satisfaction too.


I was going to say Right Said Fred, but remembered Deeply Dippy.

Lord I wish I hadn’t.


I can name two Smash Mouth songs. Which one do you know?


I can name three, but one’s a cover.


I wasn’t counting the cover for some reason, didn’t seem right


Does that mean that you can’t name a single Alien Ant Farm song?


Movies :smile:

In fact, they were a band that I considered posting…


no no no it’s different, Smooth Criminal was a proper single and a proper hit, the Smash Mouth cover of I’m a Believer is from the credits of a film and I don’t really think of it as existing outside of that scene from Shrek






The La’s.


Thin Lizzy




Gay Dad


they have better songs than the one you’re probably thinking of.