Arto Lindsay


has just released his first album in 13 years, it’s great

just brilliant generally isn’t he
also been touring with Beauty Pill, hope they come to Europe


Dunno who this lad his but he wishes he were Destroyer


oh wow, nice!

I was just listening to ‘Mundo Civilizado’ the other week; one of those records has touches v. much of its time (some of the drum breaks and synths he employs), but transcends it because of his singular post-modern take on samba.

think my favourite Arto is the noisy live stuff on the second half of ‘The Encylopedia of Arto’.


don’t we all


bet Danny B loves a bit of Arto


also, Beauty Pill, I have that EP - Cigarette Girl from the Future? maybe I need to seek out some other stuff.


love the Al Green cover on Mundo. think Noon Chill is my fav of his solo albums, they all hit a similar spot for me though.
if you like his more abrasive stuff then the DNA compilation is pretty great


I need to listen to DNA a bit more, I think. I don’t think I ever really connected with that No New York comp, and I was never really in the mood when listening to the DNA comp.

I really love the sound of that live noise set. I love the contrast between the kind of hulking bursts of guitar and his trademark languid vocals.


just thought I’d say that Ambitious Lovers might be my favourite band name.