Arts & Crafts: A Rolling Thread

Couldn’t find one of these using the search function - apologies if there is one.

In my search for more active hobbies I’ve decided to start here since I already have quite a lot of stuff. I think there are a few DiSers into various types of crafty stuff, so let’s have a thread.

I got a sewing machine a year or so, primarily for clothing alterations, and broke the needle on my first try and have been too scared to use it since. Think I started with something far above my ability level, so will be having another go this weekend making some runners for bookcases and tables. The easiest thing you could do - just putting some hems in, so should be fine.

Will try and build myself up to e.g. bags and cushion covers before trying clothing stuff again, I think.

What things are you into? Sewing, knitting, jewellery making, painting, furniture restoration etc? What are you working on / what have you made recently?

Might go look for fabric tomorrow. That’s the best part tbh.


yay! I have lots of paints that I’ve been intending to use for ages, but haven’t gotten around to. Got a couple of weeks off work soon so hopefully will get a few projects done :slight_smile:

Excited to see what everyone makes!

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I’m thinking about knitting myself a so faded sweater which will be highly ambitious but they look so amazing :slight_smile: gonna be picking some yarn colours with M tonight :smiley:


Not me as such but this is the yarn owl that lives in my living room.


How does it get on with Sir Sweepington?



We have a LOT of cardboard boxes from IKEA in the spare room for this exact reason.

I’m sure i’ve bored/am boring everyone to death on my instagram about making my own clothes but I bloody LOVE IT.

Feel free to msg me there if you need any help and i’ll do my best but i’m still a beginner and just winging it!


My partner (the yarn owl custodian) is interested in making her own dresses. She’s got a sewing machine. Did you take classes anywhere or are you self-taught? Are there any resources you’d recommend?

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as @wileycat said, your insta is bloody great. pretty inspiring tbh.

i’d like to get a sewing machine, but not really for clothes, though that would be great i suppose.

i wanna make bags for my bike and there’s loads of insta people doing it. seems pretty straightforward once you get into the swing of things!

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There are a lot of good tutorials and blogs out there. Tote bags and cushion covers are a good place to start for sure. You can learn anything on youtube, it’s amazing.
These videos are fantastic, nicely paced and very clear.

Defo don’t be shy. The instagram sewing community is sooooo nice and loads of strangers have reached out to me giving me tips/youtube pages etc.

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Has she sewn ever before? If she can do basic stuff, she’s probably gonna be fine getting stuck straight into some beginner patterns. Depends on how confident she is tbh. I’m definitely someone who just goes for it and if it goes wrong, who cares, i’ll learn from that but it means I waste a lot of money on fabric sometimes.

I’m self-taught but learned a little tiny bit of incredibly basic stuff in school. Now i’m trying to learn loads of different stuff and it’s great tbh although i’m in no way perfect or good at it, but it’s insanely therapeutic and calming for me.

These are some of the best, clearest and easy to follow patterns i’ve tried so far and they’re all nice/modern. No zips/buttons etc.


Ooh do it!! You can get small hobby ones that do the job just fine. I have only just upgraded to a proper big machine but was making loads on my £49 John Lewis machine.
I’ve put a Merchant & Mills handbag kit on my birthday list so I want to get into stuff like that too.

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They also do online workshops which I imagine will be great cause their patterns are so clear and good too.


Thanks! Yeah she can sew. No idea how well, because I know nothing about it. She made a table cloth and a seat cover that we use regularly. I guess those are basically the same thing as clothes, if she was rectangular.

Oh then she’ll smash those patterns for sure. There isn’t much difference between sewing that and sewing up a side seam on a dress! And she crochets/knits so she’ll be able to work through instructions on the pattern and has that logical craft brain so she’ll be able to pick it up in no time.

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One thing you might want to check before you buy a sewing machine @plasticniki is that a basic basic one might not be able to deal with tougher fabrics if you were making quite heavy duty bags. But you probably wouldn’t have to step up much from the bottom of the line to get something that’d handle that.


Tried sewing a few months ago after wanting to do something with my mum’s sewing machine which had been sitting in my room tempting me.

I get on ok with the machine, mostly. Problem is I am terrible at cutting out patterns, everything is much too big for me to handle and I get into a complete flap trying to get everything to stay in place. Got so many patterns, threads and fabrics I had grand plans for which will probably be a total waste now :frowning:

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Oh yeah, that’s true.

Have you tried a rotary cutter? I find cutting out fabric a million times easier with a rotary cutter. Lay everything flat, pizza wheel it all :sunglasses: