As a longtime Android and Windows user will I feel restricted if I shift over to a Mac?

I’m not sure the answer is in this sprawling mess. Macs are better than PCs in every possible way. No offence.

I’ve always been a Windows chump, partly because of the cost of Apple stuff, partly because of an aversion to the cult of Apple and partly because I have a feeling that Apple seems controlling and that their products are less flexible as a result.

I’ve bought an iPad recently and I do like it although it feels a bit restrictive at times. I suppose I wasn’t expecting to have laptop-style functionality from something that’s essentially an entertainment tool but I’m slightly worried about moving over to a Mac.

I’d want to do all the general laptoppy stuff but I’d also probably have some niche requirements. Like running mapping software for daft roleplaying games for example. From what I can tell there’s OS versions of lots of those so maybe there’s nothing to worry about.

To be honest I’m probably overestimating the amount of niche things but I just worry that there’s going to be something I won’t be able to do with a Mac.

Also I could be kidding myself about the amount of freedom I need. I’m reasonably tech savvy and I do relish the lack of restrictions with Android but I’m not so fussy that I’ve rooted my phone and I’ve never abandoned Windows for Linux. It’s not like I’m hacking NASA all day while stroking my raspberry pi.

Basically am I going to regret it? I’m still going to have to use a Windows laptop all day for work am I going to hate switching between them all the time or will I get used to it?

Anyone made the switch and wish they hadn’t? Glad they did?

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nah, for me, much much much prefer Windows 10, MacOS feels like operating system for babies, in my view.


Why do you want to switch to Mac, what’s the benefit?

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other thing to consider is that mac os just moved to their own chips so there’s a little bit of niggles with that, i think

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I have my brothers old macbook and the first thing done was to switch the OS to Windows 10. Don’t like the apple interface, im just not used to it. First computer I used regularly was that mac one with the colourful back (our year 5 it room looked like a field of flowers) but all I remember from that was using that logo program with the little turtle. Anyway it works fine and can switch back and forth if needed


They’re both OK. Find it really annoying that Macs only have back space and not delete.

I appreciate this is a relatively small matter in the grand scheme of things


I have a Mac because work bought it for me.
I made that other thread during a phase where I made a bunch of threads that annoyed people with bold statements.
If I were to buy my own computer now, it’d be a PC, no doubt.


I’m not sure there is one, per se.

My existing personal laptop is getting old and I’m looking at replacing it and it feels like for the first time the consensus is that the best laptop for under a grand is probably from Apple, the Macbook Air M1.

I’ve looked at more budget laptops from Lenovo, Acer, HP etc and they all seem to have their detractors somewhere along the line. For the first time in my life I’m not really restricted by budget too much so I’m just tempted.

But also wary.

OSX has hot corners and touchpad gestures that make me feel extremely restricted if I have to use Windows. If Windows had those things I wouldn’t give a shit either way tbh


This is something I worry about but I’m not sure why.

What do you feel you can’t do with the Mac?

“How’s your morning going, Antpocalypsenow?”
“Ah, you know, using the Windows machine, so extremely restricted”

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I’ve been using a mac for about 15 months now. Moved to it after spending a particularly trying 18 months grappling with brand new windows laptops that kept crashing and falling apart when trying to run ableton or whatever to make music. Hadn’t ever used one before and I found the interface and shortcuts and things quite confusing and frustrating at first, but I’m more than used to it now.

Good things:
Seems to be much more reliable and stuff generally just seems to work without any driver nonsense. There are some good quality of life features etc.

Bad things:
The price is an absolute joke, and not being able to upgrade things easily isn’t great.

I don’t have a Windows machine

“How’s your morning going, Antpocalypsenow?”
“Ah, you know, I don’t have to use a Windows machine, so extremely unrestricted”




Apple OS / software drives me nuts. I don’t know if it’s just because I haven’t given it enough of a go, but since approx windows xp time using anything Apple seems to be a couple of years behind the equivalent tech in PC or Android.

I mean, they look lovely but I always felt them limiting and clunky to use. Might be alright if I liked to gaze at the shiny hardware in between keystrokes or mouse actions but I don’t :man_shrugging:

I feel like Mac stuff likes to let you know you’re using a Mac, how cool it is and so how cool you are a bit too often and it gets in the way of just interacting with the computer

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This is probably true, but also do you need a £999 laptop at all?

I use both - Mac at work and PC at home - and other than the weird positioning of the @ symbol on the mac, I don’t have any issues switching between. Don’t think one is inherently better than the other - it’s only really if you have specific needs that one stands out.


'er indoors has to use Apple stuff for work and cannot get on with it. Old people at work who use iOS at home find Android in particular to be confusing.

In summary, computers are a world of contrasts.

(whenever I hear someone say one or the other is “intuitive” I mentally replace it with “familiar”)