As a longtime boxer shorts user will I feel restricted if I shift over to Y-fronts? FILTH THREAD!!!!

Do we have a filth thread yet?

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I worry that with y-fronts that they’ll keep trying to sneak inside my butt crack, due to their relative tightness.

Y-fronters, is this a genuine problem, or an imagined concern?

  • Genuine problem
  • Imagined concern
  • Depends on the Y-Front
  • Not on Y-frontbook

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I think if you purchase underpants true to your clothing size it should be fine.


Alright, Greenland shark


i worry more about balls sneaking out

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If you wear y fronts and have a penis do you pop it out through the flap to urinate? Seems utterly bizarre to me

Surely the elastic would be enough, I can’t imagine a scenarios where the balls would have enough manoeuvrability to torque

Sexy underwear *

  • Does it for me baby
  • Nah

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* up to you whether y fronts are in this category

i’d rather not take that chance

Current filth level - 5 is the filthiest

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Boxers sometimes have the penis flap too. Makes sense, otherwise the elastic of the underpants waist can restrict the flow of urine if left to settle under the balls and then when released, can result in more urine appearing.


I get the same issue if I use the flap. Just pull the whole lot down further tbh


This is the ideal solution, but sometimes less-kind people make comments when you stand at a public urinal peeing with your trousers pulled down around your ankles and your shirt pulled up to the armpits.


Is this the filth thread?

Think it would be better if we took a week off talking about toilet stuff


what’s weird is where you have normal briefs and they have such an opening

v. silly

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poll for people who are attracted to people with penises and etc

someone you like is wearing some briefs

  • this is hot!
  • this is not

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also: I don’t think it’s very clear that this is the filth thread and feel like a title adjustment is necessary :upside_down_face:

Fixed (I did not know I could do this )

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