As if it's only Tuesday

Too hot.
Too tired.
Preseason football training tonight. Maybe lescar after.
Crock of fucking shit, this

Woke up with such fierce tiredness that I thought I was paralysed.

It’s beard (and hair)cut day. Life is getting quite exciting.

Drove ¾ of the way to work then realised that I had the pram in the cat, so had to turn around and head back. Ended up late for work and there’s been a huge bust up between 2 of my guys. Add onto that the “informal performance” conversation my boss had with me yesterday and I’m feeling wonderful

Friday for me today, leftover pie for lunch, possible bbbq later. All’s well in the Funkhouser camp. Have a splendid day DiS!

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Gym was PACKED at 5am. Boooooooo. Got a good pump on though, and some guy on the street said I looked ‘good and chunky’, which was weird, but im taking it as a compliment

Eating a nice sausage and bacon roll, having a coffee and listening to music in an empty building atm though :metal::metal::metal::metal:


Could be worse, you could be the cat!


Back to work after long weekend with my mum staying. Feel so relaxed and refreshed!!!

Always, ALWAYS imagine your posts being said by the man himself and chuckle


PS. Your cunt’s in the sink.
Does that help?

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Went for a run at 6:30. Even then it was rancid out.

Fuck off Tuesday.

Have a phase once every 6 months or so where I don’t want to listen to anything but the pixies for a few weeks. Starting a phase atm. They’re just so much better than everyone else


Ah fuck

Spending my day converting procedures written in MySQL to SQL Server. Perhaps the dullest task I’ve ever done at work.

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Took the bus to work this morning. Couldn’t face the cycle ride home in 30 degrees. I’ll be finishing work at 3pm, though, so the bus won’t be too full going home. And when I get home, seeing as Clive is working late on a shoot (Christmas issues of magazines are being worked on now), I will play records and drink beer.

Morning all. Isn’t it annoying when you wake up with the chorus to Scar Tissue by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers in your head?



So glad to be in an air conditioned office all day.

wfh, might go for a nap at lunch

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Fuck off Tuesday

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