As if it's only Tuesday

Nytol hangover
Cat left two treats for me in the lounge
A pile of sick and a dead bird

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My colleagues are talking about which is their favourite champagne :upside_down_face:

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Got some bad news for you gp, it’s actually only 9:08!


I have calculated that I need something like £300 before the weekend. Anyone got any ideas?

The good news is that the GF’s mum has invited me to move in with them for a bit so we can save some money to buy a house. Problem is I can’t for 7 months as I have see out my tenancy. I am currently £300 short every month.

Hello. I do not want to be here.

Morning all!

I’m waiting for the man to clear the guttering. . (Lou Reed’s first draft lacked the bohemian glamour of the final version.)

Can’t really be bothered today - we need groceries but Wor Lass has driven to work with the car seat so I’ll be taking the pram.

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Still amazed by how good those first four albums are, fifteen years after I first started listening to them. got very lucky hearing them at the age I did.


It’s my Thursday! Three day week for me before I take two days off to see the Flaming Lips.

Had some viciously realistic dreams last night. Might stop drinking tea before bed. Swimming trip is cancelled for tonight as my GF is too tired from her early shifts. Aiming for the weekend now.

ooh is he also the surrogate from arrested development?


Shame they never, ever, ever released any more albums really. But I guess it means they never tarnished their legacy


walking in this morning

- sense of dread at all the fringe posters going up
+ they’re putting in a crossing at a point at which I precariously cross the road every day


Oh I’ve decided bossanova is my favourite pixies album and fuck the haters

Long gig that


Just Wayne Coyne shouting “C’mon motherfuckers!” for 48 hours until he runs out of coke.


Can you speak to your landlord about ending your tenancy early? If you have been a good tenant then chances are they may be sympathetic. And even if they are an unsympathetic bastard, if you are going to struggle to pay the rent and possibly fall into arrears, they would possibly rather have you replaced anyway. Don’t struggle on just because of a contract.


Written in 2007 and yet it is still somehow Tuesday

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Or his balloon deflates


Does your tenancy not have a break clause after six months? That’s usually standard.

Been up with my wee lark since 5.20am. feeling pretty woozy but going to hit a huge coffee shortly.

Went to a jazz festival event at George Square last weekend and it’s already all Fringe’d up!

Also keep seeing Jimeoin on buses :unamused:

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