does anybody know if there’s a reliable DIY method for testing the air in a room for asbestos? some kind of device. been googling but it’s all very confusing. i know the standard thing is to scrape/send off samples but i can’t really do that.

dunno, sorry but


Wait a few decades and if you get really ill then there was probably asbestos there

appreciate a good simpsons reference but no more jokes please I’m on the edge of a nervous breakdown. :slight_smile:

Isn’t asbestos only dangerous if you break it? Have you broken it? Aren’t there two types and one is dangerous and the other not too bad.

On one side of our garden is a long wall of garages which did have an. asbestos roof. They just replaced it to non asbestos and the lads just took it down with no protective clothing at all.

I haven’t broken it or touched it but it’s a visibly cracking popcorn ceiling in a really old house, which is…bad. the cracks could be there for a decade for all i know. I’m just temporarily staying in the room.

Sorry don’t know any more than that but can understand you being concerned as I was just by those garages.

It’s probably fine but if you have an alternative place to stay you might as well for peace of mind.

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How long are you staying there?

I think the short answer is no regarding detecting it DIY. You’d need some sort of air quality monitor running for a period of time, it’ll collect dust particles in the air. Then sending those off to a lab for analysis will be expensive and time consuming.

How old is old? Unless the building has been refitted out it’s unlikely to have asbestos if it is Victorian or older I would have thought.

As balonz says, it is harmless if undisturbed and left in-situ. If you’re really worried and have no other option, pop to B&Q and get a cheap dust mask to wear whilst you sleep? Otherwise vacate and inform the owner/landlord.

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Fuck sake. Went to frinkiac before reading the thread.

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@Elaina_Casoolare i’ve left my stuff there and am too freaked to go back. basically thinking of chucking most of my stuff whenever i do get around to going back and clearing out the room. maybe a bit extreme but it’s the last thing i need at the moment. want to test the room just for a bit of peace of mind i guess

I imagine @marckee knows about this

been sleeping there 6 weeks total roughly

Do you feel any different? Headaches or anything? I don’t know much about it but contacting the council sounds like the way to go and ask if it can contaminate your stuff.

You’ll be absolutely fine if it is just the popcorn ceiling/artex. Has to be pre 70s ish, it’s only at worse gonna contain tiny amounts of the good/white asbestos, and you’d have to cave In the ceiling pretty much for bad times. London air is more dangerous

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It’s only a risk if you disturb it. If the ceiling’s been in its state for ages (i.e. It’s not falling apart right now) then you’ll be fine.