Ash Wednesday thread for the new boards

Yeah! Time to kick this off on the new boards. We’ll start this again from scratch, so post some of your favourite Ash songs in the comments below!

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I haven’t thought about Ash in a long time, but the thread reminded me of this - which I just listened to and remembered how much I liked.

Uncle Pat


runs in, panting

WRO-oh, nevermind

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Still a favourite.

Was this a single? Never realised there was a video for it

Was actually the B-Side to Shining Light. Bizarre that they made a video for it but I remember it getting played on MTV2 back in the day. Definitely wasn’t on Free All Angels. Weird but I’m not complaining.

Did Theakston say “this is Travis?”

It was initially a download only single as a bit of a comeback teaser before Shining Light came out as first proper single from FAA that they then included as a b-side. I remember it getting played on the evening session quite a bit.

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One of my favourites from A-Z

Never mind I watched the rest of the video

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Man! I remember Mark Radcliffe playing the shit out of Jack Names the Planets when it came out. It was all downhill from there.

There you go, never knew that. Fun fact, cheers Nick!

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This is such a summery belter


got a LOT of love for this, such lush production for a b-side. the way it kicks in, the way it disintegrates at the end, so so SO so good <3