Ash Wednesday thread for the new boards

They do have some great b-sides. This is a fav, that was a outtake from FAA and was played live around then when it was called Singapore Song. Eventually snuck out as a TOTI b-side and it’s lovely.

And we’re back!

I still don’t know why they didn’t announce the new album today, rather than last week.

Has anyone heard whether they’re doing anything special this year?

Oh, and here’s the thread from the old boards, which I forgot to post last year:

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As much as I love summer pop Ash, I also love dark and broody Ash

I once put Ash on in Coventry. Nice bunch of lads.

This has prompted me to put on Cosmic Debris for the first time since about 2005. Great stuff

Never understood the meaning of this song title until much later.

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It’s Ash Wednesday 2019!

No Ash news this year, but a quick Ash fact for you instead.

Jack Names The Planets came out 25 years ago last week.

What an Ash fact!



and another one of those tomorrow!

Happy Ash Wednesday everyone!

No Ash news but there were rumours they had been recording again and of course they released Islands last year which was excellent. Here’s one of my favourite tracks from it:

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this is my favourite ash song, ive defo posted it one of these threads before but it bears repeating

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tbh i could listen to it every day forever and not get bored of it

the way its followed by melon farmer on the bsides album as well, those lovely big slow strings at the end of tsodbtok straight into tim yelling motherfucker :smiley:

FAA era B-Sides really were excellent.

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Happy Ash Wednesday everyone!

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Their set at BBC big weekend was immense. Their bassist fucking loves it and they gave it stacks for 40 mins of power. At the end they played teenage kicks with the undertones.

They are such a GBOL. New album is also cool


Always great fun live. Tim and Mark ended up crowd surfing while still playing last time I saw them.