Ash Wednesday thread

Good morning :wave: how is everything with you?

I’m on a train for work (as usual) - got visits in four Essex towns/cities in the next two days. To add a degree of excitement, the live departure information on isn’t working, so I’ve had no idea which trains are running.

Here’s the :sun_with_face: DAYLIGHT UPDATE! :sun_with_face:

:sunny: :crescent_moon: Daylight :heavy_plus_sign:
King’s Lynn 07:01 17:23 10:22:03 +4:01
Brighton 06:59 17:28 10:28:55 +3:44
Glasgow 07:26 17:35 10:09:31 +4:32
Manchester 07:13 17:32 10:19:19 +4:08
The Beer Factory, Devon 07:13 17:44 10:30:47 +3:40
Newcastle 07:13 17:27 10:13:16 +4:23
Cardiff 07:13 17:39 10:26:43 +3:50
Belfast 07:30 17:45 10:14:54 +4:19

Firstly, congratulations to :blue_heart: :white_heart: BRIGHTON :white_heart: :blue_heart: for being the first through the 7am barrier! It didn’t seem possible back in early January, but we always believed in you.

Secondly, we now have four locations all with a sunrise of 7.13am! Lovely stuff. Only in Manchester :honeybee:, the Beer Factory :beer: :factory:, Newcastle :new: :european_castle: and Cardiff :wales: !

For some reason, YouTube isn’t working for me, but feel free to post some Ash songs as is customary.


Boy is my face ashen!



Still in bed. Not much on today. Walk our dog and then go to visit the in-laws new puppy again.

Need to get some shopping at some point.

@colon_closed_bracket Real Time Trains still seems to be working

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Up early because I’ve got a dentist appointment in half an hour. Need to eat my breakfast quick or I’ll be late but it’s too hot at the moment

Hooray for pre-7am sunrises! Although it’s overcast and a bit drizzly here today though, so I didn’t notice

Our big boss is over from Ireland (not that I’ll be going into the office), and I’m about 99% sure that she’s going to announce that our team is going to be outsourced

this is fine.jpg

Day six of covid symptoms. Still snotty, not quite as tired as the days go by

Morning all. I’m feeling pretty good - came back last week from an amazing holiday in Australia for my sister’s wedding! Can’t quite put into words how happy I am for her and her husband, they’re absolute legends.


National Rail is working now too :slight_smile:

This was earlier

There wasn’t even the error message at 5.45am, just a note saying that no trains were running out of King’s Lynn :upside_down_face:

Morning. Wet school run. Home to do a mountain of washing up. Then make butter paneer for everyone’s dinner, defrost some naan dough and hope I have enough garam masala



Also just seen my first skylarks of the year. So lovely


Good morning. There is a power-cut in the next village along, so I’m lying in bed waiting to see if I have to go to work or not (can’t sell customers any of that lovely booze unless the tills are on). My power is fine, so this is an oddly satisfying start to the day

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Alright? Got a day covering the office today so will be on the phone a lot and I am NOT a fan of that.

Had to spend an hour cleaning out our spare room so I could get to my desk for WFH. Not fucking arsed now tbh.

This post paid for by PROF$.

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Mondo tired, but had a buttery (with added butter) which was nice

My long booked dentist appointment this afternoon got cancelled at like 430 yesterday, irritating. Makes today easier to structure for work and travel but ffs - likely have to wait ages for the next free appointment space again

Also, rain. Wednesday!

Been away from London for a few days, so not sure what has happened during the intervening period but can confirm for today: the sun has risen!

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Breakfast of champions :muscle:

Going to the new climbing centre up the road after work, looking forward to it but also bit nervous :woman_climbing:

Hoping to get some more sorting and boxing up for storage done today too.


Excellent. No power expected at work until mid-afternoon, so an unexpected day off work. Back in bed with coffee 2 and the laptop whilst the heating gets to work. Most satisfying


i keep meaning to go to the climbing wall, but i also keep fucking my body somehow; this week, it’s a thrown right shoulder. i need to take care of myself i guess.

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Good morning. Unbelievably I was up before 8am this morning and left the house at 8.30am. Very rainy commute and got quite damp, but not as bad as I usually would because I wore both waterproof trousers and coat.