Ashamed of any hobbies?

Are you secretly ashamed of anything you really enjoy doing? (keep it clean)

This thread could be a nice amnesty where people say things like “I really enjoy this and I know it’s stupid”, and then other people might say things like “Nah that’s cool that you like that”, and suchlike, and it might be really wholesome.

Lately my favourite thing (in this damn heat) is to spend my late evenings doing jigsaw puzzles online while listening to film/tv scores, specifically the magnificent score to Succession the last two evenings. It’s very relaxing and satisfying, but I definitely feel like it’s not the sort of thing I should be proud of.



I listen to nerdy podcasts about strategy games I have no interest in playing. Just find it comforting to listen to conversations about a very specific topic. Good for anxiety


I wish!

I’m very keen to start properly developing a Lego hobby to be ashamed of but I can’t even do that!


Spent most of the last 18 months playing Stellaris.

Has extended to looking at Stellaris memes, reading the subreddit most days, watching videos on this YouTube channel that’s a bit like The Onion but for Stellaris

Basically just spend about 80% of my day thinking about Stellaris


Quite like a cryptic crossword
Sometimes ride a bicycle

Posting on DiS.


Golf is undeniably incredibly tory, and I’m rubbish at it. But it’s a nice way to spend a nice day with my friends sometimes

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I’d like to get properly into cycling but it’s expensive to do it right.

People shouldn’t be ashamed of their hobbies unless it’s something illegal n shit


I got back into playing Pokémon Go

can’t say I enjoy it at all anymore, though, but yeah

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Playing THPS on my Switch in my pants


That is rad


Why do you have a Switch in your pants?


Oh yeah, that counts for me. I play Pokemon Go and it’s really shameful.


I’d like you to know that this made me laugh

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I spent the weekend doing ‘Go Fest’ things with ‘real people’, and it was sort of okay at times

then when it came to wanting to tell friends about my weekend at football on Monday, well, I can tell you I did not really want to tell my friends about my weekend at football on Monday


Did you get a good haul?

I sure did, Tony

I got all the legendaries I wanted, plus lots of shinies that I wanted

how about you? shall we convene in the Pokémon Go thread?

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I got really into ‘the golden age of illustration’ and bought all these books with paintings from kids books from the 1920s. had a bunch in the car when I was giving a lift in to my friend and his apprentice. his apprentice found them and started giving me grief about it and tells everyone I’m into children’s books and drawings from the past.

I’m not actually embarrassed about enjoying that stuff but my work personality is so barriered off from my actual self that it has been a trying time.


Nah, I reckon this thread is fine. I got Palkia and Dialga which I needed and a handful of shinys but no good ones. Got a hundo Wailmer as well which is OK I guess.

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